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    What kind of clothes and styles do you have?

    Long, white hair and formal clothes.
    Messy hair, and baggy trousers.
    Everything always has to be neat and my clothes have to be smart.
    Loads of curly hair, a very, very, very long scarf with some boots.
    Blonde hair, cricket-style gear and a stick of celery.
    A very colorful coat with some yellow trousers and some blonde curly hair.
    A brightly colored jumper, a hat, brown hair, and a question mark umbrella.
    Some brown curls and a stolen fancy-dress costume = Edwardian Style.
    Short hair, with a black leather jacket and black jeans.
    Spiky hair, blue or brown pin striped suit with some converse trainers and a long trench coat.

    How would you describe yourself?

    A bit of a clown.
    A little bit mad.

    What do you have with you at all times?

    A banana and my sonic screwdriver.
    My recorder.
    My hat and umbrella.
    Some jelly babies and my wonderful long scarf.
    My walking cane.
    My pocket watch (well until someone sat on it and broke it).
    My car, Bessie..
    A stick of celery and a cricket ball.
    My long trench coat.
    A shoe.

    Who are your favorite companions?

    Grace Holloway.
    Susan and Vicki.
    Mel and Ace.
    Sarah Jane and Romana.
    Rose Tyler.
    Jaime and Zoe.
    Nyssa, Turlough and Tegan.
    Rose, Martha and Captain Jack.
    The Brigadier and Jo.
    Mel and Peri.

    Have you ever snoged one of your companions before?

    Of course not!
    Yes but only one of them!
    Yes about four of them! Or is it more?

    What is your opinion about your fellow Time Lords?

    I don't have anything to say about them, that is why I went to travel the universe!
    They have a tendency to interfere with my life.
    They're meddlesome, interfering idiots. There is always some dirty work that they want me to do but won't touch with their lily-white hands.
    I don't want to talk about them! (Starts to cry) I had no other choice. (Sob) (EM: I'm sorry! Please don't cry!)
    I don't think they like me very much! As they exiled me to earth and made me regenerate into a tall fancy pants dandy you know!
    I didn't have much to do with my race.
    Erm ... well they are kind of expecting me to go back to be lord president!
    They're all gone and there is nothing I can do to bring them back.
    Not much! They think that they can treat me as some kind of intergalactic yo-yo!
    They are all corrupt!

    What are you going to do after this quiz?

    Going to play on my recorder.
    What sort of question is that? Of all the confounded nerve to ask someone a question like that! (Goes off on a rant) (EM: Sorry)
    I will be off to help out UNIT in Bessie.
    I will be going to San Francisco and try and find Grace without getting myself killed by a hale of bullets this time.
    I shall go and have a game of cricket with my friends! I'm a very good bowler.
    I'm going to save Rose from the middle of the Dalek fleet and 'm going to wipe out every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!
    I will carry on travelling the universe for as long as possible.
    I'll eat some Jelly Babies!
    Going to try and stop Ace from blowing things up. (BOOOM!!!) ACE! (Runs off in the direction of the explosion)
    I'll go off travelling. Alone. Again

    Anything else to say?

    Would you like a jelly baby?
    Would you like me to play a song for you??
    At last! It's over. (EM: fine be like that)
    You were fantastic. And do you know what? So was I!
    Good Day! And thank you! Susan and I enjoyed it very much.
    Will you join us for a game of cricket?
    Shall I tell you your future? (EM: Sure go ahead)
    Thank you for this but I must leave. That Jackanapes! The Master is back!!
    Well that was fun! Could you do me a favor and make another one to keep Ace occupied?

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