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    It is rumored that Adam is really a Superhero in disguise. What do you think?

    I think you've mistaken him for someone else. Adam a Superhero? *dies laughing*
    OMG! You think so too? I just know he must be dashing and daring and ...
    Who is Adam?
    Where did you hear that? Though I suppose it might explain why he's so weird in chat.

    Right, well let's just pretend that it's true. What kind of Superhero do you think he is?

    Knowing Adam he's probably the sidekick instead of the the real hero.
    He probably has lots of inventions and gizmos to help him fight evil.
    Do I have to pretend? Seriously, Superhero's are like FAKE. They don't exist.
    I bet he's the sneaky type. Or at least thinks he is. Hahaha!

    What would you say if you found a secret lab under the apartment complex where Adam lives?

    Wow! A secret lab! I bet there are lots of nifty things in there. *starts looking around*
    Maybe he's the janitor? Or perhaps it's where he keeps the gerbils that power theOtaku.
    If he has a secret lab, can we say egoistical? >>
    O_o I can't even tell what most of the things in here are. What kind of weird lab is this? It looks like an underground junkyard.

    Do you think he would wear a costume?

    Sidekicks don't have costumes. ._.
    Duh! All Superhero's wear a costume! He probably has a nifty cape! =D
    Maybe he's the junk man and wears lots of bizarre armor things? *remembers all the weird junky things in the lab*
    You know, I still don't know who this Adam person is.

    What kind of colors would he fancy?

    Blue and white. I bet he wears blue jeans and t-shirts all the time.
    How would I know? I've never met the guy. -_-'
    That's easy. Dark colors that make it easier for him to be sneaky!
    I don't think it matters. It's not like villains will notice if you're well dressed or not.

    What kind of crime do you think he fights?

    All of it. Well all that he has time for. Feeding all those gerbils probably takes up most of his spare time.
    Evil people who don't like anime and want theOtaku to die. He keeps them at bay! >:3
    Dirt? I mean that's the enemy of all janitors, right? That lab was awfully dirty. Though that would mean he's failing... >_>
    I can't say I really care. I'm still not convinced and 'let's pretend' is for kids.

    Perhaps reviewing his personality traits might help. Pick the one you think is most like Adam.

    Wait, how is this supposed to help? I'm confused.

    Well that should be enough. It's time for the moment of truth. Remember kiddies, choose wisely. :p

    You never told me who Adam is so... pffffffft, see if I care.
    Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work I go... oh right... I'm supposed to finish this quiz. Sorry. ^^
    I choose to be daring! Mwahahahaha!
    *facepalms* Why am I taking this quiz?

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