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    Out Of These, Which Is Your Favorite Animal?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Uh a rat I suppose.
    A boar! Ohhh yeah!
    Bunny! -*bounces manically*-
    Uh well I think all animals are great!
    ...A dragon.
    Ah a snake. The little underestimated brilliance of nature!
    A tiger.
    An ox...
    Dogs are best, simple as that.

    Use The Words Below To Describe Yourself...

    (choose at least 1 and at most 7 answers)
    In Love!
    Strong Willed

    A Bad Trait Of Yours?

    I can be annoying...and loud!
    I sometimes do outlandish things
    I've been told that I let people walk all over me. Is that true? Because your opinion matters!
    Yeah I'm destructive! You got a problem with that?
    I procrastinate.
    I only try my best to help but everyone claims my help isn't needed! Okay maybe I'm a little nosy.
    I have a hard time letting go of things.
    I let things people say get to me.
    I shut people out all the time.
    I never let anyone see the real me.

    What Do Others Like Best About You?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    My strength to move forward.
    My courage.
    ...My looks.
    My soulful depth.
    My humor!
    My kindness. Would you like a cookie?
    My giant heart! I give it to you!
    My Attitude.
    My witty sarcasm.
    My overwhelming talents!

    Okay so you're at school/work and your crush asks you out on a date! What do you say?

    Um well...O-okay -*blush*-
    I-I'm not sure.
    I'm sorry but I'm in love with someone else! You are cute though.
    Of course! I will grace you with my presence!
    Um gee..Well I...Uh...-*faints*-
    I really like you but I can't.
    Sure! I can't wait!
    Yeah sure. That'll be cool.
    Glad to see that you've finally noticed me. We can spend the whole evening together.

    What's Your Clothing Style?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Dresses or anything that's easy to move in.
    Whatever I throw on.
    Comfortable but stylish clothes.
    Chains, flashy shirts, studs...Stuff like that.
    When I go out I wear nice things but when I'm home it's whatever,
    The most outrageous and stylish fashions! Most I make myself!
    Anything comfortable.
    My style is varied. Anything from dresses to pants.
    Bright colored stuff! Pinks and blues!
    I'm always at work so it's just my uniform.

    How Many Friends Do You Have?

    I have a lot but there's always room for more!
    A few close ones.
    Tons! Yay for people!
    Two best friends.
    Well I'm shy so only like one.

    Fill In The Blank: Kyo Needs____.

    To love me! Wait! Why are you talking about Kyo?
    To be stronger.
    A fashion sense.
    To come in for his checkup. He's as forgetful as Yuki.
    To stop picking on Yuki.

    I'm going to say a word and I want you to give me the first word that you think of, okay?...ZODIAC!

    Eh animals?

    If someone told you that they loved you how would you react?

    I get told that everyday and everyday I run.
    I would jump around! Happy as an otaku at an anime convention!
    -*blushes*- Well my fan club tells me that but I try to ignore them.
    I'd be so grateful that somebody feels that way about me.
    I'd just laugh and say aw I love you too!
    -*steps back slowly*-Uh thank you?
    I'd embrace them and shout to the heavens my very emotions at that exact moment! Oh how I love youth and it's glorious emotions!
    -*smiles*- Aw how sweet.
    I'd probably just pat them on the head and walk away...quickly.
    I'd tell them that they should look for someone else to love.

    What Means The World To You?

    High School Girls
    My friends and family.
    The one person that makes me feel like I'm worth something.
    Oh cake! Yup has to be cake!
    My Memories
    My Knowledge

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