red tigress What Zelda Weapon Are You?

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    What range are you for?

    Long Range
    Short Range

    What method do you use to kill your enemies?

    I slash them.
    I crush them.
    I bring them to me so I can kill them up close.
    I knock them off high places to fall to their doom.
    I snipe them.

    Are you a common presence throughout the game?

    You need me for every battle.
    I come in very handy once you get me.
    You could use me the whole time, but I wouldn't mind if you didn't.
    You can't get to new hights without me!
    You'll WANT to use me the entire game!

    Are you in every Zelda game?

    Of course I am. I'm a staple.
    I'm in all the newer ones.
    No, but I SHOULD be.

    How stylish are you?

    I am the epitome of style.
    You can wear me like a bracelet! Is that stylish?
    I'm shaped kinda funny. People don't think that's too stylish...
    I'm very sleek and elegant.
    Style? If crushing things is a style, I'm SO stylish.

    Are you weak or strong?

    I am one of the strongest things out there.
    I'm not very strong, but I make up for it with my versatility.
    You can't use me to hit things with, but I have different kinds of ammunition that are very strong.
    I'm not very strong, but I'll daze things so you can hit them with something else!

    Do you have magical powers?

    I do in some games.

    What's your favorite enemy to kill?

    Anything that moves.
    Bubbles! All kinds!
    Parasitic tentacles!

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