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    It's New Years Eve, and everyone is getting ready for the big night. What are your plans?

    Eat, yell at the TV, giggle, go to sleep (not necessarily in that order).
    Chilling with my significant other and my buddies.
    I'll be shot off to Saturn and have a cricket tournament with the locals.
    Spending some quality time with my good friend, Jack Daniels, over at the office party.
    I'll probably be jumping all over the walls, unable to contain the inner-hype! Huzzah for New Years!

    One of your friends pleads you to read this new exciting book he just finished reading. You give it a go, but find it mind-numbingly horrible. What do you tell him?

    I ought to smack him over the head for even thinking that I'll waste my time on something like that.
    I'll probably cry and complain for days till he gets the idea.
    Politely explain the book is not to your taste.
    I'll eat the book, therefore discarding any evidence, then read Wikipedia to make sure I know the synopsis, then use the ostrich to... *keeps ranting*
    Lie. I'll tell him that I read the book already and liked it.

    The Magical Shop of Awesome Foodage can serve you anything you want. What would you like to eat for lunch?

    Sugar sandwiches.
    Back home I usually have the fried meteorite with a side of lava.
    Mashes potatoes or soup.
    Beer (what? that's a food group...)
    The usual, stake and a side of salad.

    Given the choice, what kind of instrument would you like to learn how to play?

    The kazoo! I wanna attract animals with it.
    Piano. Nice, quiet and melodic.
    Guitar for sure. I'd love to rock out with my buds!
    The flute (it's unique...)
    I wanna play them ALL!

    You're walking down the street when a random guy bumps into your shoulder. How do you react?

    That son of a $%^&*! *proceeds to beat him up*
    I'll just keep walking, it was probably an accident.
    *starts crying* Just you wait till my big brother shows you!
    That careless idiot, why doesn't he watch where he's going?! He needs a good talking to!
    Is he coming on to me? I think he is! Now I really want to drag him back to my lair candy-canes...

    Aw darn, you're snowed in for the whole day! What do you want to do to pass the time?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Sleep. I'm SO tired right now.
    Find my mp3, i-Pod and laptop and have some fun!
    I can catch up on some work I have due by Monday.
    Grab some shot glasses and play a drinking game with myself. Either way I win!
    Annoy my siblings! Oh, oh! And then play Attack of the Zombie Robots in the living room!
    Watch the rerun of that episode of Scrubs you've been meaning to see.
    Try something new. Painting, singing, Guitar Hero... Might as well use this free time wisely.

    You've borrowed your brother's PS3, but that glass of coke accidentally fell on the console. Uh oh....

    Good. Now way it's more yummy to eat that before!
    Oh my god! What're my gonna do? What're my gonna do?! *shakes PS3 up and down*
    Bah, why should I bother apologizing? He can always buy himself a new console.
    Oh man, I gotta buy him a new console... and just when I'm broke!
    He'll forgive me if I buy him a beer first (this always works with my girlfriend...)

    I have just a tiny favor to ask you. See that gray button that says "Ask Guru!" below? Yeah, if you press it, the Guru will get mad. So don't do it.

    *giant puppy-dog eyes* Can't resist urge... Must. Press. Button....
    Oookay then...
    Oh boo-hoo for your Guru. I want my result, and I'll get my result!
    Well, breaking rules is more fun, so I'll just go ahead and press that button, you buzz-kill.
    Nah, I won't anger him. You see.... Guru, I am your father.

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