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    Do you have the capacity to easily learn things, or are new tasks difficult for you to learn?

    Well, I suppose that it depends largely on what kind of task you're charging me with. It would be easier for you to show me how to do it instead of explaining it to me.
    I can learn things pretty easily, actually. Show or tell, I can probably pick it up and do it after only a few tries.
    I can learn it better if you give me something to look at. If I can read the procedure I can figure out exactly what to do from there, no problem.
    I'm sorry, but it may take me a few tries to learn something before I can get it right. You may have to be patient with me.

    Okay, thank you very much. Now it's time for another simple question. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

    I'm a strong person who will tell people a lot of things about myself, but there are things that I want to keep to myself, because they're very dear to me.
    I view my problems as my own, especially those from my distant past, but I'm willing to share my experiences if it can help someone else in need.
    I tend to keep to myself, and don't really like to tell people about my history.
    I'd say I'm an extrovert. I view my life as an open book and will share experiences with anyone who needs someone to lean on.

    Okay, moving on. Can you tell me what genres are your favorites for television shows, or animes?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Magical Girl

    Now, it's time for a few scenarios. Okay, here we go. Imagine that you are a high school student and that you are late for school because your alarm does not go off on time. Your rival attacks you in the hallways, telling you that they are not surprised that an idiot like you is late. How do you respond?

    Probably just walk away, I don't really have time to deal with idiots right now. If I'm in a bad mood I'd probably just slap them and walk away.
    I'd probably ignore him, if I was in a good mood, but if my mood was foul I may get in a verbal shouting match with him. I may even punch him, if he gets me really angry.
    Well I may really want to punch the sucker out and I may, if he keeps it up, but this is school, and I'm not stupid.
    Apologize for being late and hurry to class. It's not polite to aruge with someone at school.

    So, you get to your first class late, and end up staring blankly at the board the entire period. Your day goes relatively slow until lunch, when one of the more popular students in school asks you to go to their party. You figure, because you are unpopular, that this is either a bizarre act of mercy, or some kind of wicked prank. Do you accept the offer, or decline?

    Well, it's only polite to go.
    I don't really want to go, I think I'll just rent a movie, order a pizza, and hang out with my friends.
    No, I'm not going. I have things to do that are more important than humiliating myself in front of the entire High School Homecoming Court and their little minions.
    I think it seems suspicious but I may check it out. If it's a trick, I'll just leave.

    This is what happens if you were to go to the party. You arrive to find that you have been lied to. The party is a costume party, and you are costume less. When your rival from before confronts you, telling you that you are a fool who doesn't even have the sense to wear a costume to a costume party how do you react?

    Well, if that happened, I'd probably leave anyway. I don't keep bad company, as a habit.
    Well, seeing as I'm not at school anymore, I feel safe shoving my fist into their face. Then I'll walk away, pretending like nothing ever happened.
    Well, I'll just go in and enjoy myself. I was invited, after all.
    Hmmm Well, I'll probably just walk into the party, and when people ask me what I'm supposed to be, I'll just say that I'm going as a Prep. It will be nice to see how many people I can tick off.

    Let's say that you didn't go. You get together with a couple close friends, instead. What kind of things do you do together?

    Well, we'll go out to eat somewhere. It would also be fun to go shopping or go to a movie in the theater.
    Well, we'll probably get some Chinese take out, you know, kung pow chicken? Then we'll hole up all night with our video game consoles, playing until dawn creeps in through my windows.
    Well, we'll probably do a bit of everything. Watch movies, play video games, mess around on the computer, and we'll eat whatever we whip up.
    Well, we'd rent some movies, order in pizza, and stay up pretty much all night. We'll probably stay awake on caffeine.

    Choose the answer that sounds the most appealing to you.

    A Pale Silver.
    Golden Yellow.
    Burnt Orange.

    Out of these animals, which one is the most appealing?

    A Fox.
    An Eagle.
    A Wolf.
    A Dove.

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word wings?


    What comes to mind when I say the word destiny?


    Out of these four words, which do you most relate to?


    I'm going to give you four fantasy names that you've probably never heard before. Which one of them sounds the best to you?


    Out of all the activities I'm about to list, which one would you most likely enjoy?

    Spending a weekend writing a term paper.
    Going to the Gym.
    Spending time with friends.
    Reading about exotic locales or figuring out how to do something new.

    You are allowed to give the person you love the most precious gift in the world, but it requires you to give up one of your most precious memories of them in return. What memory would you give?

    My memory of the first time they smiled at me, I am sure they will smile at me many more times, and each smile is precious.
    My memory of the first time we held hands, though I would forsake my entire memory to ensure that the one I loves will live in comfort for the rest of their life.
    My memory of the time when we first kissed, because I'm sure that there will be many more years ahead of us for us to love one another.
    My memory of our first adventure together, because there will be many more adventures in the future.

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