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    Well this is the start of my quiz so I'll ask an easy question! How are you today?

    Good ^^
    Eh I've had better days...
    :'( I'm sad....
    Haha a little, kinda, HYPER!!! 8D
    Why!? What's it to you!?
    ...No comment...
    I'm doing very good! Thank you for asking. =^w^=

    Ok...Another easy question, what do you do in your free time besides visiting here. xD

    Study, cause school is really important!
    Sleep...I'm jsut lazy like that. :P
    I'm on the phone talking to someone cause I'm popular!
    ...This quiz is nosey....
    I get into fights.
    I go for a walk.
    Day dream.

    Um OK. ^^' On to the next question! If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

    Beach. I love the sound of the waves. =^w^=
    Somewhere cold. What? I don't like hot places. >>
    I don't care as long as it has open space.
    What? Are you going to stalk me or something? O-O
    Ummm forest may be?
    The city is for me!

    Are you enjoying this quiz so far?

    Not really. I think your secretly trying to stalk us. (Me: D8 am not!)
    Eh kinda. I have better things to do though.*sigh* But I guess I'll finish this anyway.
    PSH! YEAH!
    I've taken better quizes.
    Its OK I guess.

    *nods* Alright...Thanks for your opinion. ^^; Ok..What if someone comes and starts to attack you. What do you do?

    *craks knuckels* You picked the wrong person to mess with!
    *sigh* Fine fine. I'll fight you.
    OMG! DX Someone save meeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Hehe! This'll be fun.
    I'm not in the mood to fight.. Later.
    DX You should NEVER fight!!! Violence is BAD!
    o-O And who are you?

    You try to fight the person but you seem to not be winning. D8 Now what!?

    o.o What do you mean? I already beat the other person.
    I'll run away screaming. ^^'
    I would try to talk to the person and we could settle it that way.
    Hehe time to cheat. *pulls out a gun*
    I'll do a ninja move and appear behind the person and knock them out that way. Simple.
    *sigh* So much for a nice peacful day. Oh well. *knocks person out with one hit*
    Wooo! I'll punch him in the face!

    Interesting. Ok so you finally beat the person and you keep walking and eventually arive in town. You see a fight going on. What do you do?

    DX Why all this violence!!! *runs away screaming*
    Psh easy! I would cheer them on like everyone else. :P
    Huh who cares about them! Its all about me, Me, ME!!! >XD
    *shrugs* I guess I would watch.
    I would jump in and stop it.
    Guess I would help the person who was losing.
    I would continue walking and find a place to rest.. I've had a long day.

    Well either way, before you can move or do anything the cops come and they want to question you. Your reaction?

    *flicks hair* Like I did anything wrong.
    Keep a straight face and not say anything.
    -_-' I have waaaaay better things to do then get questioned for something I know I didn't do.
    *sweat drop* o-O
    I would answer all the questions because I'ma good person. ^^
    Hemmmm...I would probably try to run :P
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! DX But I didn't DO anything!

    The cops let you off with a warning and tell you to go home. Ahem. And so my story ends. :3 CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the end of my quiz. 8D

    *wakes up* o-o I was taking a quiz? o-0
    *claps* Woooo! ^-^ I loved your story!
    Hehe good quiz..
    >>' I didn't like your quiz.
    Oh...Its done? Okay.
    Okay later!

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