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    Let�s start out easy. Pick one or two adjectives that describe you.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)

    What job would you perform the best at?

    Office manager
    Hired killer
    Kindergarten teacher
    Pro athlete
    An officer in the army
    Charity organizer
    Swimsuit model
    President of the World; I deserve it

    If you were in court, you would be�

    The lady taking notes on a funny typewriter
    Someone watching from the sidelines
    The judge
    A witness on the stand
    The hot-shot lawyer
    The guy who draws pictures of people
    The injured plaintiff suing for millions
    The killer. I mean defendant.

    You�re proud of your�

    Winning streak
    Power over others

    The one thing people don�t like about you is�

    That I�m so much more attractive than they are
    I have good morals and they don't
    I�m boring
    I�m nice, even to my enemies
    I have a big mouth
    I�m overly competitive�and I always win!
    I never show emotions
    They have to listen to me whether they like it or not

    You�ve been assigned the task of killing a gang leader. How would you do it?

    Send someone else to do it
    Disguise myself as one of his lackeys and gain his trust
    Challenge him to a duel
    Distract his guards with my sex appeal
    Charge into his hide out and tear up the place!
    Rip off his head and eat it
    The most efficient way possible, obviously
    Honestly? I�d probably screw it up�

    Do you feel bad about deceiving your friends?

    I don�t want to talk about it�
    Yes! I hate lying
    Yeah, it�s not very honorable
    If they�re stupid enough to fall for it, then no
    They should know looks can be deceiving
    Hah! Those suckers fell for it
    I did what I had to do
    Naw, I can just buy some new friends~!

    We�re putting on a talent show, yaaay! What will you do?

    A dance
    A martial arts display
    Stand up comedy, but I�m not writing my own material
    Saw a girl in half. No. Really.
    I�ll be a judge!
    I�ll work the curtains
    I�ll pass out Tang at the door so no one gets thirsty!
    I don�t know, but it will have ELEPHANTS and it will be BRILLIANT

    Which TV show would you rather be on:

    A talk show like The View or Maury
    Monday night football
    The 6 o�clock news
    The Sopranos
    My Sweet 16
    Design on a Dime
    America�s Next Top Model
    Law & Order

    What ringtone would you use on your cellphone?

    �Candle in the Wind� by Elton John, and I�m not afraid to admit that!
    The national anthem
    �Rock You Like a Hurricane� by Scorpions
    �Cold Hard Bizznatch� by Jet
    I�d put my phone on vibrate; ringtones annoy others
    Just the standard tone that comes with the phone
    I crush phones with ringtones. And their owners.

    Who is the one character from One Piece that you can�t stand?

    Nami; she thinks she�s heaven�s gift to men
    Usopp; he�s always running from battle
    Zoro; he thinks he�s soooo coooolll, but I�m better
    Luffy; this �nakama� crap needs to stop
    Vivi; she doesn�t act like a real princess!
    Aww, I don�t hate anyone :(
    I hate my boss. Er--wait...
    I don�t know

    As a child, one of your favorite activities included:

    Truth or Dare
    Dressing up
    Hide and Seek�I never peeked!
    Frying ants with a magnifying glass
    Watching TV
    Playing �house�
    My parents buying me whatever I wanted. �what?

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