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    Ok, please don't kill me, But what color is your favorite? *hides*

    Yellow and gold.
    Black and dark blue.
    Purple or blue.
    Light and dark greens.
    I don't like any of those....

    Okay, have you ever watched Shugo Chara?

    Of course! I'm in it!
    Nah. But I bet I look sexy....
    Uh, yeah!
    No, I haven't
    My love is in it, so of course!


    God, I'm straving! Maybe I'll steal some of Yaya's candies.
    Yum, some Japananse tea and rice cakes!
    I'll ask if Sohma-Kun wants to join me for ramen.
    Some Taiaki.... or maybe Amu....
    Ah, I'll skip lunch today.

    Oh noo! A rouge X-egg! :O

    Not my problem, they're annoying if you ask me.
    Wellll, If I was allowed out of school to vist more often.
    Alright everyone! Plan time! Just listen to what I say!
    Okay! Everyone after that egg!
    What, what?! Answer 3 just took my job! MY JOB!!

    Character Transform!

    Platium Royale!
    Sky Jack!
    Samurai Soul!
    Black Lynx!
    Beat Jumper!

    What do you think of Amu~chan?

    A-A-Amu~chan?! *Blush*
    Hinamori-san? Well....I-
    Ah, My little Amu...I tease her so...>:3
    Amu?! Where?! I have to train her more!
    Ah, Amu-chan...she still dosn't know...right?

    How should your guy be?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)

    Waa! Yaya and Rima have gone missing!

    Wait...who are these people?
    I'm not in the series anymore.
    Drat! I'm in class right now!
    We better find them! Even though Rima see's me as a threat. >.>
    Everyone! Split up and look all over the campus!

    Finally, Your dream date. ;3

    A walk on a moonlight beach.
    A calm evening stroll under the Cherry Blossums.
    A picnic in the park.
    A shopping trip into town.
    At a night club, dancing away.

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