Selene Shri What Six God General Are You?

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    I have some questions for you all if you don't mind.

    Be quick about it then.
    I guess its okay.
    I don't mind. But there's no guarantee that I'll actually answer you.
    I have a spare moment so sure, why not?
    Do I look like a library? Get lost.
    Whatever *looks bored*

    Why are you one of the six God Generals?

    Because I'm the original, idiot.
    I have a unique talent that no one else can do.
    No one is as beautiful and smart as me.
    Brute strength, what else?
    My loyalty is unquestioned.
    You'll never see me coming. *grins*

    Do you always follow orders?

    Most of the time.
    I do. Sometimes I do other stuff though.
    If I feel like it.
    What else is there but duty?
    Only if it suits my purpose.
    Of course, don't be stupid.

    Are you merciful?

    Only fools believe in granting mercy to their enemy.
    It depends on who it is.

    Do you have someone special you wish to protect?

    It's my duty, moron.
    I have to protect my friends!
    I have no one.
    Now now, stop being so nosy, it's not nice.
    That's really none of your business.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    I don't have time to be lazy like other people do.
    I visit people I know.
    Spare time? What would I do with that?
    I'm too busy with my own projects to have spare time.
    Only the weak dawdle when there is work to be done.
    I find something to do.

    How do you win a battle?

    I never miss my mark.
    You overpower them before they can react.
    I use my ultra special items to crush my enemies.
    Didn't I say they never see me coming?
    No one can beat my friends!
    The original is always stronger.

    Okay, just a few more questions and we'll be done.

    No, you're done now. Get lost fool.
    I have work to do. *leaves*
    That's sufficient; we've humored you long enough.

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