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    You're waiting in line to enter the big tournament and a pokemon cuts in front of you. Your reaction:

    Shout "MUDKIP!!" angrily and push the other pokemon out of the way.
    Flirt with the pokemon so that once it likes you it'll help you get to the front faster.
    Look down sadly and mumble "mudkip..." under your breath.
    Say "mudkip" over and over again until the other pokemon gets so annoyed it quits the tournament.

    Who would you rather have as your pokemon master?

    An attractive master.
    The very best pokemon trainer on the planet, regardless of who it is.
    Anyone would do...even if they don't like mudkips.
    Brock please!

    You're interviewing for a role in Super Smash Bros. Everything goes well. The next day the interviewer calls you with bad news: The role is going to Pikachu instead. You:

    Storm the interviewer's office and tell the interviewer you won't leave until you get the job.
    Become best friends with Pikachu so you can mooch off its celebrity status.
    Break down into tears.
    Say "Mudkip!" and then look forward to the next opportunity.



    You can't live without...

    Your reflection in the water.
    Your mudkip friends.
    Your tournament trophy collection.
    Your pokemon trainer - "I'd be lost without someone to guide me."

    What's your favorite portable game system?

    I star in games, I don't play them!

    So I herd u liek mudkips.

    Heck Yeah!!
    They're okay...I guess...
    Of course I like them, I AM one.

    What OTHER pokemon do you like?

    I ONLY like mudkips!

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