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    Okay, first a dumb question. Are you a boy or a girl?

    I'm a guy.
    I'm a girl.
    I'm not quite sure how to answer this question.

    What do you want out of your life?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 8 answers)
    I want to protect or look out for someone who is special to me.
    I want to help make the people around me happy.
    I just want to be accepted for who I am.
    I want to be taken seriously, be respected.
    I want to be who I want to be, not what others wish I was.
    To know my true self. Who and what I am. Why I'm here.
    I want excitement and adventure. No more going slow.
    To make my own decisions, to run my own life.

    What do you do for fun?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 8 answers)
    I cook, I'm trying to get better at it...
    I don't really have a hobby.
    What else is there to do other than hang out with my friends?
    Actually, I'm kind of between life styles at the moment.
    I sharpen my skills! Be it physical activity. I get a rush out of it.
    I like a good mystery now and then.
    I like to knit and sew...
    I do work with my hands. Making things.

    Do you have a job?

    No, not right now.
    I do free lance work. I'm my own boss.
    I have a good old fashioned teen job. Fast food, waiting on people, mascot, that kind of thing.
    I'm between jobs...
    I don't have a job, but I do something similar to charity work.
    I'm part of a family business.

    What skill type would you have?

    Garu (Wind).
    Physical attacks.
    Zio (Electric).
    Bufu (Ice).
    Hama and Mudo (Light and dark).
    Agi (Fire).
    I'm more of a healer than a fighter.
    Actually, I would provide support. Analysis of the enemy.

    Do you have a secret?

    You're trying to trick me into telling you because you know I'm not that smart!
    I'm jealous of my best friend.
    I'm very confused sexually... guys or girls?
    I'm not exactly what I appear to be.
    Unfortunately all of my secrets are constantly getting exposed.
    No, I'm a pretty open person.
    Yes, I'm mysterious.

    What would you fight with?

    A fan.
    Obviously my persona...
    I'd use guns.
    I don't like fighting...
    My daggers, some kind of blade.
    I don't need weapons. My body is a weapon.
    Something heavy, a blunt object.
    I'm the healer, I already told you.

    What do you think people think about you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 8 answers)
    That I'm a goof.
    Everyone likes who they think I am...
    I don't really think about stuff like that.
    People spread rumors about me, most of those people have never even seen my face.
    People think I'm cute, hot whatever. And they think I'm great because of my roots.
    They call me scary and they think that I'm odd...
    They treat me like royalty but I'm not interested in any of them.
    Most of them think negatively because of my background. I'm viewed as a public enemy.

    What is your secret weakness, that you try to hide from others?

    I feel lonely, I don't have any friends...
    No, I'm pretty much out there.
    I feel useless, I want to be rescued because I don't think I can do anything myself.
    I want people to see me. All of me...
    I need to have someone to look after I or else I'd feel weak.
    Due to certain circumstances, I need help reaching my goals.
    I'm a child, on the inside.
    I don't feel comfortable around a specific gender. Like they won't accept me.

    Whatever, I'll just ask it... Favorite color?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 8 answers)
    Anything pretty.
    I like manly colors.
    Red looks good on me.
    Colors are colors.
    I like girly colors.

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