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    It is morning and it is time to wake up, what is the first thing you have to do?

    I have to get ready and wake the master up.
    Oh dear me! I must put on my makeup because I need to look good.
    Yoga time!!!
    ZzZzZzZz *cuddles with teddy bear*
    Ack I am already late! *runs out of room half dressed*
    Do I really need to get up? I had a really rough night. *cuddles with his girl*
    HA! I just need a good cup of tea and I am ready to go.
    I will get dressed, but do these pants make my butt look big?
    I will try to get as much sleep as possible. I do not feel like getting up yet.

    Now moving on with your daily routine, what is your job?

    I am the head of this household.
    Job? I let mommy and daddy do it all. :D
    I work with the dead, it is very amusing.
    I work as a doctor.
    I sell women, I mean I am the president of a trading company.
    I am just a butler and I like it.
    Tehe! *blows a kiss* A grim reaper.
    Why would I have a job? I have people work for me since I am a prince you know?
    I have to make the beds and prepare the food and I also..*trips over feet*

    How would your companions describe you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)

    How do you know Ciel Phatomhive?

    I am his fiancee.
    I help trade goods with him.
    I only know him because his butler is to die for! *blushes*
    I am his gardener.
    I am his aunt.
    Well this happened, and that happened, and this as well, and I saved him. He loves me because I am so good at things.
    Lets just say he owes me.
    Tehe! I know him because he always comes to my place for information. However, he needs a good joke.
    Oh I know him, because I am him, you n00b!

    While accomplishing your duties, you hear a noise outside the door. You are not entirely sure what is it but you check it out anyway, what is it?

    A cat.
    A dog.
    A dirty old man looking for a check up....pervert!
    A dead body. Oh this should be fun to play with!
    A hot chick! Come to papa! *pulls her into house* Meow!
    The new Cosmo Magazine. Tehe! I love the latest fashions and such.
    A baby bird. Awww!
    There was nothing at my door. T^T

    An enemy attacks the Phatomhive's estate, what do you do?

    Oh no worries there because I am to busy flirting with young men at my clinic.
    Oh well I am not there I have a busy job working on women, I mean on trading.
    I heard about an enemy attacking through the grape vine. Oh well!
    *too busy checking self out in the mirror to notice that the house is being attacked*
    I have to grab my teddy bear and I know Ciel will protect me.
    I am giving everyone orders on how to deal with the enemy.
    *packs suitcase* OK later! *runs for the hills*
    *sighs* Well, this is a burden, but I will just have to kill them for bothering my home on such a nice afternoon.
    *gets guns out* Take this stupid vermin!

    Now that the battle is over, the weather begins to change. What type of weather is it going to be?

    The clouds are still extremely dark.
    A rainbow! A RAINBOW! XD
    It is raining slightly, but there are rays of sunight peeking through the clouds.
    It is just a bit cloudy.
    It is really sunny outside.
    It is just a perfect day, not so hot, not so cold.
    It is really windy out. Hey my hat! *chases after hat*
    It is snowing.
    It is nice and cool.

    Now it is finally time to head to bed after a long hard day at your job. You walk over to your bed and crawl into it. What color is it?


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