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    How do you feel about fate and the future?

    Fate is something you need to observe.
    Fate? I just go wherever the current takes me!
    Um... I can't really comment on this one!
    Fate is something you can buy with money! Oh ho ho ho!!!
    As long as I get my money and can go home, I don't care about it.
    Hmph... Fate is dreadfully dull.

    What are your ideals or outlooks on life?

    Think ahead for your future.
    Get the money and run.
    With money, anything is possible!
    Well, get an education and be successful, I guess...
    Observe around you, and you can be anything you want to be.
    Work hard to achieve something new!

    What is your favorite hobby?

    Tarot card reading.
    Getting new gadgets.
    Thinking of new strategies.
    Admiring your crush or idol.
    Training to be a better person physically and mentally.
    Playing with your cat(s).

    What would you do for a living as a fighter?

    Interpol officer.
    CIA agent.
    Fortune teller.
    Money spender.
    Organization member.

    What would be your specialty?

    Soul Power.
    Advanced weapons.
    A version of another fighters moves.
    Something passed down in your family.
    A variety of flips and turns.

    If you could do one thing in the world, what would it be?

    Bring peace.
    Help the future generation.
    Follow your idol.
    Inheret your family's fortune.
    Raise your daughter to be a great girl.
    Bring down corruption.

    What country interests you the most?

    The wealthiest country in the world!

    A cute boy walks by. What do you do?

    Ignore him. You need to get going to class!
    Throw money at him and pay him to go out with you.
    Ask him if he has any free time after you've tied up some loose ends.
    Ask him to join your organization.
    Knock him out with an advanced gadget, then take him to your place.
    Tell him his future in tarot cards.

    You go to a restaurant with international foods from around the world. What do you order?

    Tea and cookies.
    Sushi, extra large platter.
    A simple Chinese dish.

    What is your favorite color?


    How would you accessorize as a fighter?

    A simple cap will cover up that bad hairday.
    Spiked bracelets are wicked!
    Yellow-tinted shades pack a punch.
    A breezy scarf makes any outfit look good.
    A headband and my school uniform is really comfortable.
    A school uniform and spandex helps burn some sweat.

    How would you vent your frustrations?

    Drink some tea.
    Spend time with your cat(s).
    Read fortunes.
    Call your daughter
    Spend some cash.
    Talk to your best friend.

    Oh no! A big test is tomorrow?! What do you do?

    Sigh and forget about studying. You're gonna fail anyway.
    Pay someone to do it for you.
    Use something really high tech and cheat.
    Predict your answers.
    Study, study, study!
    You already know the stuff! It'll be a breeze!

    Your shoes look dirty. What do you pick as a new pair?

    Knee high white boots.
    Leather heels.
    Formal shoes.
    Anything leather will do.

    It is the end of a long day. What do you say as an ending quote?

    Yatta! (I did it!)
    I guess that's about it!
    Oho ho ho!
    How dreadfully dull.
    I just want to get away.
    My future is bright!

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