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    So, are you more outgoing or shy?

    OUTGOING, BABY! Let's party!
    I'm in the middle, really. I'm shy at first but can be really open once you get to know me.

    Some qualities that describe you are...?

    (choose at least 3 and at most 5 answers)
    Obsessed with food.
    Likes learning stuff. (not just nerdy things, too)

    What type of guys are you into?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    I like the doctorish types. The ones that are quiet and aloof, but have hearts of gold.
    Well, I don't know really. Someone who loves me? For me? At least they'll see me differently, and not just some girl in the back. If he's into fashion, that's a bonus.
    He's gotta be a good cook! And so cute that I could just eat him up! (me: WTF...o_o cannibal)
    He's gotta be big, buff, tough, and hawtttt. You know, "hot"?
    Heh...he's gotta learn how to be the boss. I suppose the saucy type's cool.
    Fisherman! So he can help me catch my fishies. #^^#
    The smart, adventurous type. Like a real-life Indiana Jones! Child-at-heart. Yeah, that's the best.
    Psh! Who cares?! I don't have time for boys! I'm too busy being a sexy dancer! However...if he's hot and a good man, who knows?

    So you're going shopping...whatcha gonna buy? =^.^=

    (choose at least 3 and at most 8 answers)
    FOOD! Oh...can't get food? this is just a CLOTHES STORE?! NOOO! I guess I could buy a nice big poofy dress with a ribbon.
    Something sexy. (Me: o.O)
    Mini skirt? Oh! And some cowboy boots. Oh yeahhh.
    Something...practical. Like a book?
    Depends. I'm sorta picky.
    I'm probably just gonna take a look-see. But if something nice catches my eye, and if I have the money for it, I'll buy it.
    Oh, well...I dunno. I could get some cloth. If they have lace, too, I'll buy it.
    Hmm...well there are a lot of interesting things out there. I'm excited just to be shopping! Who knows, I could find some nice products and even a huge fish!

    Crap! You fainted! Dr. Jin's lecturing you now...

    How did I faint? What the heck!? WHO ARE YOU!? EW! GET AWAY!
    Aww man...I need to pace myself.
    Those fossils were just so darn's only obvious I'd hit my head on the rock on top of me. Stupid, stupid...
    I'm hungry, Doc. Got any food? ...Carrots? YUM!
    Oh...-blush- Sorry for fainting...
    Darn! I was being careless with my horse.
    Mmm....danced too much at the bar again...Those men are beasts, I tell ya. Anyways, thanks Doc.
    Mm? EEP! He's so close to my face! ...How embarrassing.

    Favorite gift?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Herbs, 'cause they're healthy. Anything else healthy's good, basically. And lovely things.
    I love sweets!
    I'm game for a few cocktails.
    Wool, perfume, silk threads...that's about it. But you really don't have to get me anything #._.#
    I love strawberries! And yummy fish!
    Rice dishes are welcome. Also, if you find anything in the mine, I'd be glad to take it off your hands. Heehee.
    Flowers. And a few cocktails.

    What do you want to do today?

    Horseback riding! Also hanging around the bar at night, handing out drinks to the local hotties.
    Eating! And some more eating! And when I'm not eating, being a waitress at the Inn--serving up smiles! ^_^
    Reading ancient books. Exploring the mine. Ah, such bliss.
    Spending time with my pets while taking care of them! Then I'll fish later ;)
    Helping my family out with the business. Then walk around.
    Oh...well I guess I'll just sew...stay indoors...
    Learn the ways of business! Hey, you! Buy this outfit! It'd look sooo fab on you!...BUY IT!
    Dancing the night away. In the morning? I guess walk around town...please don't disturb me.

    Favorite color(s)? -dodges attack- You missed!!! SUCKA! -dead- Eh...just answer the question. T_T

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Striking colors. Purples and dark greens.
    Earthy tones.
    Neutral colors.
    Hues of blues.
    Lovely colors. Purple, pink, navy...etc.
    Red, blue, primary colors.
    I like pinks and purples. And a little bit of mellow yellow.

    Now that you've made me a ghost, how do you feel about that?

    Psh, your own fault.
    Sorry about eating you! But you tasted so good!
    Ew...a ghost.
    Oh dear, is there any way I can bring you back to life?
    ...........................I'm so sorry! ;_; I'm terrible!
    Ahh! I'll try my best to fix you! I owe it to you! You poor thing! SORRY!
    Hmm...not much of a magician. I'll try my best to fix you, though...?
    I'll look up spells for you. Hopefully there's something to fix you. If not...I guess you'll have to adjust.

    Are blue feathers romantic?

    I'd prefer giving someone food or receiving it, but to get married, sure!
    Blue feather? It's tradition! We should follow it, yes?
    I don't really care much about the blue feather or not when it comes to proposing. As long as the proposal is said...I'm happy.
    Just getting proposed to makes me blush...#^.^#
    It's what you're supposed to do, right? Propose with it, I mean. So, it must be romantic!
    Well, with a zest of romance from the blue feather, the proposal should be a hit. However..getting married is not about the blue feather anyways.
    Yes. It signifies romance...but if I get asked to be married without it, I'm good. ^^
    Marriage? Whoa...well, yes I'd like to get married. That's the blue feather's purpose, right? To get it's probably romantic.

    Last, but not least, was this quiz okay? It was my first. But it should tell you more about yourself! ^^ was okay.
    Kind of a waste of my time...
    It was pretty cool. Good job!
    You did a nice job.
    I thought it was pretty nifty. ^^
    The results BETTER be accurate.
    I'm hungry.
    Well, even if it sucks, I still appreciate the time you put into it. Good job, sweetie!

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