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    Welcome to the Adventurers Guild! You will now take a survey that will allow us to match you to the character that will help you make the most out of your journey.

    Sounds good.
    I will do my best.
    What did you say?
    Ok, but just keep in mind that I am not short. I am just fun sized.

    Now to begin. Which weapon do you feel most comfortable with?

    Staffs and books.
    Paddles, bows and arrows.
    Hammers and axes.

    Ok, now that you have selected a weapon, tell us about yourself. Select the choice that best describes you.

    Laid-back, unflappable.
    Peace-loving, smart.
    Agile, swift.
    Powerful, tough.

    I see. Which of these creatures remind you of yourself?

    Uh, human?
    I am like a bird.
    A wolf perhaps.
    A beetle. Small, but strong!

    Thank you for sharing. Now, when you usually select a character, what do you go by?

    Defense stats.
    Offense stats.
    Magic stats.
    Special abilities.

    What skills do you think you will bring to the table when you go on your journey?

    I can defeat an enemy without getting hurt.
    I can double jump and reach places that most people would not be able to reach.
    I can take care of enemies swiftly.
    I can cast a mean spell.

    Now that you know your skills, which ailment would hinder you the most?

    Slowed. It would take me ages to cast even the simplest spell.
    Plunged into darkness. I can not see what I am hitting!
    Burdened with gravity. I can not jump!
    Cursed. I need my attack stats!

    If you feel that way. Anyways, lets move on and try some Role-Playing.

    Bring it!
    Sounds like fun.
    I can do this.

    You and your party are stocking up on various items before you hit an area. This area is going to be brutal, so what do you think will be more beneficial to take?

    A powerful weapon!
    Some Ether for MP.
    A couple of potions for HP.
    Some strong equipment.

    If you say so. So you and your party make it to the area. Before you even see any monsters, you notice a scientist bumbling around. Turns out he is too lazy to complete his research and sets up a quest at the Quest Shoppe to do his job.

    QUEST?!? WHERE?!
    I will take care of it later.
    I want to help him, but now is not the time.
    Maybe he should not even be a scientist if he is setting up all of his jobs at the Quest Shoppe.

    So you and your party make it past the first room and the bumbling scientist. You have entered into a room full of poisonous miasma that is slowly hacking away at your HP gauge. You notice a chalice up ahead.

    Do not look at me. I do not want to carry that thing around. I will just heal everyone as they need it.
    I will pick it up and carry for everyone. But I can not promise you I will not trap them behind a rock and walk away with the chalice.
    I can not carry that thing! I have to scope out the area and carrying a chalice will slow me down.
    I am the strong arm of the party; I need to be able to attack the enemies before they attack us. Can someone else carry it?

    Amazingly you get past the miasma room. Now you are in the room that has a huge obstacle course. In order to activate the course, you need someone to stay behind and hit a switch.

    I can do it. I will keep hitting the switch until everyone is safely across and then abuse my double jumping skills by finishing the course in no time.
    I will let someone else handle it. Jumping is not my strong point.
    I will not hit the switch, but I will cast Haste on everyone so they can jump farther and faster.
    I am okay with anything.

    Alright, you made it past the obstacle course more or less in one piece. Now you are in the room before the Boss. You and your party step out to the middle of the room. Up ahead you see a mini obstacle course that leads to a chest that you know has an awesome scroll in it. But behind you, a horde of tough monsters appear, ready to attack. Which way will you go?

    Dang! I really want that scroll, but I have to take care of these guys first.
    I am sick of obstacle courses. I will fight enemies instead. Though a scroll would be nice.
    I want that scroll, but I have to stay back and make sure everyone is safe!
    SCROLL?!?! I can handle that obstacle course! I can not wait to get my hands on that scroll! I will share, of course.

    Congrats! You defeated the monsters and own a new scroll. You also managed to reach a Save Stone, which means the Boss is just up ahead. What is your strategy?

    Wait. Strategy?
    I am going to heal everyone and use powerful spells to help out in the fighting.
    I am going to go for it! And if I die, I will still be going for it!
    Hack and slash. Hack and slash. That is all there is to it.

    So your party enters the Boss door. You walk to the center of the room, listening for signs of activity. Suddenly a giant bookshelf comes charging towards you! The Boss is a deadly bookshelf!

    And to think I like to read.
    That is a little strange, but ok! Lets go!
    Read, do not bleed! Power for the win!
    I wonder if I could jump on its head? I could find its weak point up there.

    Finally after a grueling battle, you defeat the bookshelf. Before you collect the goodies, how is your HP gauge?

    Uh. I kind of died. 3 times.
    I have almost full health.
    It is ok. I got close to dying once, but I got healed in time.
    It is good considering I protected myself with Barrier. I did fairly well keeping everyone alive too. Except for somebody who could not stop trying to jump on the Boss head.

    You did great for your first time. Sort of. Anyways, thanks for taking the Adventurers Guild Survey. We feel you are now ready to take on the world. We also have your results.

    Great! Let me see them.
    I bet I am sexy!
    Cool. But seriously, do not judge me just because I am short.
    I can not wait to see which character I should be.

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