Rexikat Rhapsody Which KH Character Is In Your Party?

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    It's another day on the job. You wake up, get ready, and start up your:

    Smart car
    VW Beetle

    Okay! You're on your way to pick up your best friend, and your favorite song comes on the radio:

    I'm a Fake.
    A Beautiful Lie.
    Hips Don't Lie.
    Peanut Butter Jelly Time.
    City of Delusion.
    Faster Kill Pussycat.
    Walking on Sunshine.

    You pull up to your friend and co-worker's house, and they hop into the car. The first thing they say is:

    Yo, yo! What;s hot? Haha, ME! Joking, joking!
    I don't want to be late and cause a scene. Let's go.
    There is no way I'm riding with you looking like that.
    Ohmigosh, HEY! So check out this new song I wrote!
    I made of list of people I'm going to kill. You're only number 18.
    Hey! Good morning! Today is gonna be great!

    ...Right. So you've arrived at your job and clock in. It's time to choose your tools of the trade:

    A pair of steel fans etched with flowery designs.
    You prefer to talk things out rather than fight.
    A flamethrower and a chainsaw, just in case.
    A sword that is specially made for you.
    A really mean attitude and your bare hands.
    Water guns! (And a regular gun, because the boss insists)
    A pair of swords each. (double the pain, double the damage)
    Your favorite sets of lock picks and a handy pair of knives.

    Way to get set! Now, you've just been assigned your first mission of the day. There's a robbery in progress at a local bank. When you arrive on the scene, your partner says to you:

    These people have absolutely no panache, no style at all.
    Maybe I should have added these guys to the top of my kill list.
    Maybe we can trick them into giving themselves up.
    Aw, what if they just surrender? Do we have to fight?
    Oh, come on. This is way too EASY! This is gonna be fun!
    If I die, would you miss me?
    Listen, you do your thing, I do mine. I promise I'll protect you.
    Okay! We stick together, and we get this done right!

    Now that you've made your presence known, the bad guys are on the attack. You:

    Run at them head on.
    Jump out of the way, but slash at their backs.
    Deflect their attacks, and then start one of your own.
    Create a ring of fire with your flamethrower, and then start up the chainsaw.
    Panic, and splash them with the watergun.
    Dodge their attacks while trying to talk.
    Tear into their throats with your fingernails.
    Neatly and efficiently slash each of their throats.

    Alright, way to go! However dubious your methods may have been, you've beaten the bad guys! But wait...the leader is getting away, and it's someone you know! You and your partner:

    Are pretty tired from the fighting, and stop to rest for a bit.
    Reluctantly follow the man, only doing so because it's your job.
    Aim the flamethrower at his retreating form, hoping he'll burn and it'll be over with.
    Whine and hesitate, not wanting to go after a known dangerous criminal.
    Carefully watch and take down his license plate number to devise a plot to capture him later.
    Scowl and stalk him back to his hideout.
    Want to execute a perfect assassination, so you secretly follow him and wait in hiding.
    Glance at each other, and immediately run after him.

    You and your partner are hidden at the leader's hideout, and you see the perfect opportunity to take him out. You:

    Shoot the man in the foot, apologize, and then tie him to a chair.
    Create an elaborate trap that ends with the leader hanging in a cage upside-down by his left ankle.
    Gouge the leader's eyes out, and then beat him with a chair.
    Inform the man of his imminent death, and demonstrate that you're not kidding by slicing off his right pinky.
    Want to make a grand entrance, but stumble over your own feet and end up scrambling to attack him.
    Discreetly slip out of the shadows and hold your blade to his throat.
    Angrily dart forward from the darkness and pin the man to the wall with your blades.
    Set the entire place on fire.

    I see. Now that you have the man in custody, what do you do with him?

    Kill him so perfectly, no one will ever know it was you.
    Bury his mangled and dismembered body in a ditch somewhere south of nowhere.
    Turn him in for a hefty reward.
    Call someone who is better suited for this sort of thing.
    Bring him in to the police and refuse a reward.
    Kill him, but not before reducing him to nothing.
    Kill him without a second glance.
    Watch him burn.

    A job well done! It's time to call it a day. You and your friend:

    Make your way through the club, where everyone is talking about you.
    Go out for ice cream, your favorite treat.
    Go home to spend a quiet evening chilling.
    Head to the beach to watch a relaxing sunset.
    Go shopping, for clothes and for some new weapons.
    Go out for dinner and tea.
    Spend some time reading reports on criminals yet to be captured.
    Go home for an all-night music session.

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