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    Which of these words apply to you?

    Angelic Layer.

    What is your goal in life?

    To have a better life.
    To have courage.
    To be the cutest thing alive!
    To find the one I truly love.
    To be the richest genius alive!
    To create a child.
    To have a happy life with my true love.

    What is your personality like?

    Supporting, Comforting, Melancholy-ish.
    Loveable, Sweet, Kind.
    Stressed, Hopeful, Honest.
    Cute, Hyperactive, Short-Tempered.
    Motherly, Sweet, Understanding.
    Smart, Wealthy, Soft Spoken.
    Kind, Sincere, Romantic.

    What is the meaning of love to you?

    Someone who trusts me.
    Someone who is just the person for me.
    Love is the feeling of wonder!
    Is the feeling of being happy and loved.
    To have someone that understands.
    Love means nothing to me!!!
    Eww! Who's ready for that stuff?!

    If you could have anything in the world what would it be?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    A better life. ^_^
    A child of my very own.
    All the brains in the world!
    To find the person just for me.
    The feeling to be able to express myself.
    To find love!
    To be the cutest dancer alive! xDD
    To be able to be positive!
    I need nothing! I have great friends!

    How would people describe you?

    Hyper!, A little annoying...and of course cute!
    Some people describe me as a loving and kind person.
    They say I'm Motherly even though I don't have children of my own!
    Well I'm a genius! Full stop! ^_^
    I have to say they think I'm supportive and sincere.
    They say I'm a "Fish out of water"
    Well kind and sincere.

    Which character do you think you might get?

    Hideki Motosuwa
    Chitose Hibiya
    Hiromu Shinbo
    Minoru Kokubunji

    What would your name mean?

    "Tree Branch"
    "Goddess Of love"
    Well, "Plum"
    "A thousand years"

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