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    Hey there! Do you like to brawl? xD

    Heck yeah! Let's fight on! >:D
    Brawl? I prefer strategy games. :]
    Ohh dear that sounds dangerous... (Me: It's just a game...)
    Meh. Can we beat up aliens instead?
    Yeah!! I'm totally a beginner, but yeah!!
    Oh my. :O (Me: What kind of answer is that?)

    Are you a boy or girl?


    What's your favorite colors?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    White! :DDD
    YER MOM. (Me: *Sniffle* ;^;)
    I guess any color is fine...

    What type of weapon do you prefer?

    I like a lot of weapons, like bows, swords, bombs...
    A long sword. Yup.
    A vacuum. >:D
    An umbrella! 8D
    A bow and arrow.
    Bwahaha. Fireball. >:D
    I dunno, a raygun or something.
    A BIG, HEAVY sword.

    What's your favorite stage in Super Smash Bros?

    Skyworld! So pretty.
    Princess Peach's castle.
    Hyrule temple or Bridge of Eldin. :D
    Castle Siege! It's so cool!!
    Delfino plaza or Luigi's mansion.
    Frigate Orpheon FTW! >:D

    If you were a SSB character, what would you do in your spare time?

    I dunno, do some training in preperation for a war, or something. -3-
    Beat alien scum! HAHA! >:D
    Act all pretty and cute. ;D
    Drink milk. Yum. (Me: Whu...?)
    Flyyy~ :D :D :D
    Fix the pluming. (Me: Ha. Loser. >:D)

    How would YOU save a princess from a man who kidnapped her?

    Me? I AM the princess!
    Me? I'm not a princess, and I don't need saving.
    Swoop down from the sky, and take her away from the evil dude!
    Gather a numerous amount of weapons and items, so I can defeat the guy who captured the princess.
    Slay all of the small-fry soldiers that the evil guy sent out, then I'll defeat him. :D Then take the princess home.
    I'd skillfully go through all of the traps set by the kidnapper, then take the princess back to safety.

    WOO! the quiz is over!!

    Ohoho! :D
    Seiyaa! >:O (Me: O_o)
    Thanks, that was fun! :D
    Well, I'm off to clean the toilet now. -3-
    That was quite enjoyable.
    Just get to the results already! >:[

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