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    Welcome to the Fire Emblem Regal Match Makers, dating service. To set you up with your perfect prince we need to ask you a few questions. First. What is your favorite color?

    I gotta say green.
    Purple, dark purple.
    Bluish greenish? (why are you asking a question? o_O)
    Um Light blue, no dark blue, no light. *nods* (okay...)

    Very well, next you need to pick 1 to 3 hobbies that interest you.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    A good battle.
    Mmm, military planning seems fun ^-^ (o_O whatever suits you...)
    Watching others train.
    Avoiding people.
    Helping my friends.
    Planning battle strategies for my boss.
    Doing what I can to help my people.

    Interesting. So if your perfect prince were to fight, what weapon would he use?

    Sword! Definitely a sword!
    A Lance, Lances are so cool and easy to use. ^-^
    Axes, Axes are so hot! (. . .)
    Magic. It shows such unique skills, and talents, and intelligence.

    Alright. So next question is if you had to choose, what part of battle interests you the most?

    Before the battle preparation getting the weapons ready.
    The battle! Gotta love a fight!
    Before hand with the strategizing.
    Every part.

    Now how would you describe yourself?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    A born leader! When I move people follow. It's a gift. ^-^
    A brawler. I've gotten in trouble more than once for starting a fight.
    People say I think outside the box, creative if you will. ^-^

    Quite interesting. Now we need you to name so traits you are looking for in your prince.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Um A great, devoted leader.
    Really smart!
    A fighter! Someone who knows how to throw a punch.
    Someone with siblings, That way I can finally have one!
    Someone who is kind and a good teacher. I would love to learn to fight.
    Someone who cares as much about books as me. Not at all. (*rolls eyes* )

    How interesting. So your perfect prince; does he have to be fully human?

    Well, I guess not... Odd question, but no I don't suppose it matters.
    That would be nice. *picturing little green aliens*

    Excellent. Who do you hope your prince turns out to be?

    Someone like ROY!
    Hector *drools*
    Soren, so mysterious.
    Ephraim. I just love him!

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