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    Which of these funny words stick out to you?


    What kind of guys do you like?

    The hard working type! Yeah!
    The dark, mysterious type. *giggle*
    A guy that understands me.
    Hotties, all the way. *winks*
    The safe, friendly type. *blushes*
    My prince in shining armor!! *swoons*

    You've twisted your ankle, and your crush offers to carry you home. What do you do?

    Blush and tell him how sweet he is.
    Yell, "Hey! Put me down, you pervert!"
    Panic because I don't want him to know how heavy I am.
    Turn bright red and let him take me home.
    Throw a fit because it's so embarrassing! Ugh!
    What? Why would I trip when I never lift a finger in the first place?

    You just got a new camera and you want to take a picture of something beautiful. What will you take a photo of?

    A snow white bunny in a winter wonderland!
    A beautiful butterfly on a beautiful flower!
    Fireflies glowing brightly on a cool summer night.
    Sparkling fairies dancing in the moonlight!
    A cool night on the beach with the stars shining brightly.
    Beautiful? Well, me, of course!

    What would you like for dinner tonight?

    Oh! Oh! Cooked lobster with fresh vegetables and tiramisu! I want it all!
    Anything with stawberries!
    Chocolate cookies, caramel coated fudge, ice-cream cake, and apple pie!
    Heh, I want to say stuffed corn but I got sick last time from eating too much!
    A simple salad would be fine, thank you.
    I honestly don't care as long as I get vintage wine afterwards!

    What would you do with $20.00?

    Pfft! Only $20.00?
    Give it to charity.
    I'd buy my favorite book.
    Get some new flower seeds to plant!
    Grab a ferry to the city and see the sites.
    Buy the newest videogame at the store!

    What makes you cry?

    Love stories and soap operas.
    Disturbing memories and nightmares.
    Really sad novels.
    Nothing. I never cry.
    The thought of being poor! *shiver*
    My parents yelling at me!

    Your best friend....

    Understands me completely.
    Thinks I'm weird.
    Listens to my boy problems, whether she wants to or not.
    Is really cool!
    'Friend'? Do followers count?
    Is fun to teach new things to.

    What is your favorite book genre?

    Um...It's really hard to decide...!
    Do cook-books count?
    What's a 'book'?
    Nonfiction life stories.

    Oh no!! A spider the size of your fist just jumped on your hand! What do you do?

    Scream bloody murder and run!! Kyaa!!
    Flick it off and forget about it.
    Yip and smack it off lightly.
    Glare at it until it finally crawls away.
    Analyze it curiously and admire its size.
    Get someone to flick it off for me.

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