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    So you're going on an adventure, what kind of clothing would you wear if you got to chose?

    Gosh, who cares? I'd just grab something and take off.
    What do you mean if I got to chose? You make it sound like I'd wear ladies clothing or something.
    I'd wear something snazzy of course. Looking good is a must after all.
    Who else would decide that? o_O
    Clothing? You're weird.
    I'd probably just make something for the trip.
    I don't go on trips so it doesn't really matter. ^^

    Okay, now that you have your clothing what would you take with you?

    Well I guess taking along any medicine and stuff like that would be a good idea.
    Hahaha, you don't plan trips. You just go. I get what I need at the nearest town.
    Psh. I don't carry anything. Why should I when I can stay at any place I need to?
    I'd rather not go. I like my home.
    I'd take my best friend with me of course. And any equipment I would need.
    All I need is a sword and my charm.
    Hmmm, nothing? I'd make the others carry stuff. XD

    You finally left to start on your big adventure, unfortunately, you're lost. Now what?

    What do you mean this is my fault? I'm not the one who has been leading the way! Jeez.
    I'm sorry; I probably read the map wrong. ^^ I'm sure if we keep going we'll find someone to help us out.
    Lost? I don't get lost. I just find new places.
    If the rest of you weren't so dumb, this would have never happened. This is why I usually go alone. I'm not a babysitter after all.
    Why don't we just take a break and then start looking for the right path once we're rested?
    Hmmm, we should look at this logically and find the way out. There has to be a path.
    I'm going to relax. Since you guys got us lost, you can figure it out.

    Okay, you finally found the right path but since it's so late, you'll have to camp in the forest since the nearest town is too far away.

    Oh well, it's not like I haven't done this before.
    Eh, a tavern would be so much better.
    Hey! There's a pond! I bet there are fish in there, let's catch some!
    So does this mean we have to sleep on the ground?
    Let's see, if we go this way tomorrow, we can probably make it to town by lunch time!
    Well I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try camping just this once. Don't make a habit of it though.
    This is so not funny. If I'd known you guys got lost so easily, I would have never come.

    It's finally morning and everyone is ready to get going. However, there seems to be some sort of strange noise coming from the path ahead. What do you do?

    I don't like the sound of that. What if it's a monster? We should turn back.
    Oh! I wonder what it is. Let's go find out!
    I'm sure it's nothing. We can take it slowly just to be safe though.
    There's nothing to worry about, I can handle anything.
    Well perhaps we should look for another path?
    Honestly, stop being chickens. If it's a monster we'll just deal with it.
    This is what happens when you travel with amateurs, oh well.

    You took the path where the noise was coming from and unfortunately, there is a monster blocking your way.

    *sigh* I guess I'll just have to take care of it.
    Wait, why is a monster on a main road? Shouldn't the local forces keep them away?
    Oh wow. It looks kind of mean. I won't let it stop me though!
    I told you we should have turned back.
    Just step back and have a seat. I'll have this dealt with in a jiffy.
    Well aren't you just the ugliest thing ever. Get out of my way.
    We have to stop it. Travelers could get hurt if we leave it here.

    Congratulations, the monster has been dealt with. What do you say?

    Thank you for taking care of that terrible creature.
    Ha! I told you my magic would come in handy.
    Thank goodness no one was hurt.
    And here I thought it would be something more interesting. Let's go.
    That made me hungry, let's have some more fish!
    Well that was boring. What a weakling.
    That went better than I expected. Everyone is okay, right?

    You finally made it to town. What will you do next?

    We should find a place to stay and get something to eat too.
    OMG! Is that fresh fish that I smell?
    I think we should get some more supplies for when we leave tomorrow.
    You guys can figure out where we'll be staying. I have other business to take care of.
    I'm not a babysitter, come find me in the tavern when you're ready to head out.
    I'm going to check and see what medical supplies they carry while you guys get us a place to stay.
    Yeah, yeah, find a place, get something to eat. Whatever.

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