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    It's late at night and you see a monster attacking a young woman, what do you do?

    OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? RUN AWAY!!!!!!! *begins running as fast as I can*
    I am the young woman and I can SO beat the monsters butt by myself.
    A damsel in distress? I shall rescue her and win over her heart!!!
    Hehehe Eat my darling, eat the human.
    Bravo! I shall save her and get her out of danger's way.
    I don't plan on letting the girl get away, I plan on eating her!

    If you were categorized, which of these would best describe you?

    I am a regular everyday student who goes to school.
    I am an alchemic warrior.
    HAHAHA!!! I am the sexy villain!
    I'm the monster who does the deeds of my master.

    You have to be in good shape to fight no matter what so how old are you?

    I'm am about 20 years old.
    Hehe you know you shouldn't ask how old someone is because that is rude.
    I'm 17 years old.
    Well that's a secret and that is more fun!
    I'm 16 years old.
    That's none of your business!

    Everyone has hobbies when you aren't fighting evil, what are your hobbies?

    I like to read books!
    HAHA!!! I am the dorm manager! Come here ladies for a strip tease!!!
    I like to do whatever I can to fit in.
    I just like being with my girlfriends and doing my homework. I know I am lame! T^T
    I like to work in my lab and do research with my grandfather.
    I LOVE to read nudie magazines!!!! *drools from pictures and has a nose bleed*

    When fighting, you need to set a fashion statement. What do you actually wear in front of others to impress them?

    I wear a sexy outfit that is really tight on me and a butterfly mask as well. It’s very stylish! :3
    I wear a coat that is really long and a hat. It's actually very cool and tough looking.
    I wear a school uniform from a previous mission. I just wear it because it is easy to move in.
    Fashion statement??? You have to make one of those??? I guess I am not really in style so I better go shopping to impress the ladies...*runs off to the mall*
    I just like to wear comfortable clothes like a cute top and cute skirt or jeans.
    Whatever fits on me best is what I wear. I don't really care about the fashion and what is in and what is not.

    Yeah, I know a lame question, are you a boy or a girl?

    I'm a Boy
    I'm a Girl
    That's none of your business!!!

    What are some of the weapons you use to defeat your enemy?

    I'm a monster I use my entire body!!!
    I don't fight. I don't want to be involved in that kind of stuff.
    I have a Buso Renkin that is call Valkyrie Skirt.
    Near-death Happiness is what my Buso Renkin is.
    My Buso Renkin is a coat and a hat. It becomes a shield for me and a weapon.
    The Kakugane and Buso Renkin which is a sword are my weapons which kick some major butt!

    If you were to die, and be given a second chance at life, what would you do with it?

    I would so go to DISNEYLAND!!!
    Oh OH OH!!! I want to be a super model judge!!! XD
    Hmm I wish I could have the life I once had with a family.
    I guess I just wanna be with my buddies, nothing new.
    I would like to be healthy and live among my peers and friends. If I was given that chance, I would go for it!
    Hmmm a beach would be great!!

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