kumiko matsuo13 What Clannad Character Are You?

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    It's a typical sunday morning, what would you do?

    Help the family business.
    Just drive around the city on my scooter.
    Stay home and read.
    Check for mayhem.

    Can you manage things by yourself?

    Well.... maybe...
    Yes. but not all the time.
    Not really, I usually get shy.
    Yes. I definitely can
    Yes! But only when I'm motivated!

    When someone insults you what do you do?

    I almost cry!
    I get annoyed and try to ignore it.
    I hide behind my friends.
    Punch or kick them to the bone.
    I do a special star attack!

    When you look at the future you think of what?

    Hmm... what would it be like?
    IWill I be married?
    What would be in store for me.
    Will it be peaceful in the future?
    Will I be alive?

    What kind of person are you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)
    Out going
    Kind and generous.

    You spend your free time doing...

    Watching TV
    Hanging out with my sister.
    Reading books.
    Looking for trouble.
    Looking at starfish.

    Do you often stare at the sky or out the window?

    Hmmm... I do during class hours.
    I guess...
    All the time!

    What do your friends think of you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 2 answers)
    That I'm shy and a weakling.
    They say I'm strong and aggressive.
    That I'm wild and spunky.
    Seems I'm quiet and diligent.
    That I'm a true leader and very responsible.

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