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    What are you like?


    Your friend is being attacked, what do you do?

    Immediately save her of course!
    Think it through first and then help my friend only if she needs help.
    I can't believe this is happening!
    My friends can take care of themselves.
    Why would anyone attack my friends?

    Now that your friend is safe, what is your reaction?

    I knew my friend could take care of herself!
    Try to figure out why anyone would attack my friend.
    I'm so relieved that she is okay!
    I still can't believe this is happening!
    I'm so mad! How could anyone attack my friend!

    What is your weakness?

    Being impulsive. I act without thinking things through first.
    My temper. I'm easily angered.
    I think too much. I need to be quicker in making my decisions!
    I'm not strong enough to help my friends.
    I'm afraid to ask my friends for help.

    What are you good at?

    Archery! I'm an excellent shot!
    I'm good at math! It's so logical!
    Being aggressive?
    I don't know, never thought about it before.
    Fencing! I'm really skilled with a rapier!
    Who cares? My friends are more important!

    What is your favorite color?

    *confused look* Why do you need to know that?
    That really has nothing to do with this you know.
    *flat stare* Stop asking stupid questions.

    You have fallen in love, what is he like?

    Dark and mysterious, he's so handsome!
    He's so elegand and beautiful!
    He may not always tell the truth but he has a good heart.
    No! I can't possibly be in love!
    It's not love. I just think he's nice.
    Are you blind? I don't fall in love! Boys chase me!

    You are the only one who can save the world. Will you do it?

    Definitely. After all I'll always protect my friends!
    Are you sure the world is really going to end?
    How do I know you are telling me the truth?
    If it's really going to end then I have no choice but to save the world.
    I still can't believe this is happening. Why me?!?
    It's your world, you should be the one to save it.

    Finally the last question! A cute magical creature that looks like a rabbit appears before you, what's your reaction?

    It's so cute! I want to keep it!
    It's so annoying! Make it go away!
    Rabbit? It doesn't look anything like a rabbit.
    It sure is noisy.
    It's so lovable!
    Just what is this thing?

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