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    If you could pick your hair color, what would it be?


    Do you like strange hats?


    How do you like to dress?

    In, uh, normal clothes?
    In cute clothes, of course!
    In full miko getup.
    In clothes that show off my great figure.

    Are you just absolutely adorable?


    Do you appear younger than you really are?


    Do you keep a lot of secrets?

    Yes . . .

    Are you easily made jealous?

    You have no idea!

    Are you good at puzzles and games?

    You bet!
    Not particularly.

    If you had to fight, which of these weapons would you use?

    Baseball bat.
    Meat cleaver.
    Knife or a gun (so traditional!)
    Syringe with an insanity-causing illness.
    I just set traps.
    I make other people fight for me.
    I have to fight?

    Do you think fate is impossible to overcome?

    Nothing is impossible!
    I used to think so, but not anymore.
    Of course it's impossible to beat.

    Role-play time! If you thought your best friend was keeping a very important secret from you, you would . . .

    Enlist the help of my other friends and stalk my best friend.
    Threaten them with my weapon of choice.
    Ignore it. It's probably none of my business.

    If you saw your friend murdered in cold blood in front of you, you would . . .

    Go insane.
    Go after the murderer with my weapon of choice.
    Sigh. This always happens.
    I *am* the murderer.!

    You're having the worst day of your life. Your entire family dies in a car crash, your significant other dumps you, your house is destroyed, your cat is eaten by the neighbor's dog . . . you get the point. How do you react?

    Go insane and possibly go on a roaring rampage of revenge against God.
    I'd be very miserable, but I know my loyal friends would be there to cheer me up.
    It's fate. There's really nothing I can do.

    Your sibling goes on a date with the person you have been admiring from afar for years. You . . .

    Kill said sibling and get their date all to yourself.
    Bide your time. They won't last long, I'm sure of it.
    But I'm too young to date!

    You discovered your dad's new girlfriend is scamming him! You . . .

    Kill her, of course.
    Go insane.
    Rally an army and go to the police.
    Talk to my dad, but he doesn't believe me. There's nothing more I can do.

    One last question: do you know Oyashiro-sama?

    I've heard the legends.
    Yes, personally.
    I am Oyashiro-sama!

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