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    What terrain would be best to preform your abilities?

    I say either a training ground or inside a building
    Probably a place where no buildings are, mostly forest or rock
    Anywhere, just as long as I have a training partner

    You are sent on a mission. Which of the missions below would you do your best?

    You must transport a secret scroll back to the Leaf Village
    You are an escort for the Kazekage during the next Chuunin Exams
    Babysitting (Me: That's the best you can do?! You: Don't mock me)
    Getting rid of an animal
    Retrieving a runaway nin
    Eh, I don't wanna mission. Entertaining myself is a mission itself (Me: I agree)

    You are currently on your mission. Who would your team consist of including yourself?

    Neji and Lee
    Hinata and Sasuke
    Naruto and Sakura
    Gaara (Me: Not from the Leaf... You: So what?! Me: Eh, whatever your result don't blame me)

    While transporting a valuable scroll, you are knocked unconsious and when you awaken the scroll is gone. What now?

    What do you think?! Go after the guy
    Maybe I can play with the robber's mind so he won't get away...
    I need to survey the area to see where he's going
    I need to go back to the village and inform the Hokage (Me: Coward... You: Stop pestering me! Me: No)
    I'll set up a trap, just incase he comes back

    You track the ninja that stole the scroll to a cave, but the entrance is blocked. What now?

    I'll let my team handle this, I'm not good at physical work
    I'll find a weak spot and hit it from there
    Just destroy it. It's not that hard
    If we destroy the item it'll cause the robber to flee we need to push it aside
    Eh *destroys the blocking item* done. (Me: I'm agreeing with you more and more)

    You manage to get the blocking item out of the way. Are you going to enter?

    Well no duh! It would be pointless to destroy it and not go in
    ... No, I don't wanna
    The Hokage will chew me out if that scroll isn't back, let's go!
    Wait outside, but then get bored and go in
    Stay outside until you get scared and go inside
    Nothing better to do

    Reguardless if you wanted to leave, your team drags you in anyway. As you approach the end of the cave you spot the scroll. What now?

    Wait... It could be a trap let's approach with caution
    Check the scroll to see if there's a trap or genjutsu placed on it
    Wow that robber was lazy I'm going to get the scroll (Me: Naruto is that you? You: What is wrong with you?! Me: Not obliged to answer)
    I'm staying on guard that robber could still be here

    You approach the scroll with caution, but you then realize you were trapped in a genjutsu. What do you do to escape?

    I'll attack everything in sight (Me: Are you out of your mind?! You: Leave me alone!)
    Kai Release
    I'll just stand still someone's bound to release the genjutsu (Me: Lazy)
    I didn't even fall for the genjutsu anyway (Me: Figures as much)

    Somehow you break the genjutsu and find the robber that stole the scroll. Now what?

    Now you'll feel the wrath of my genjutsu!
    Too slow *tie him up*
    I'm just going to kill him
    I won't do anything (Me: He stole your wallet) You son of a *beat the crap out of him*

    You defeat the robber with ease and go back to the village regardless of what happened. Now what do you do?

    I'm off to train
    I'm going to bed I need to refuel my chakra
    Going to try and escape from you (Me: Not going to happen)
    Play video games and if I lose take out my anger and destroy the system I am *insert name* here me ROAR (Me: You have a problem. You: You won't shut up. Me: ... Touche)
    I'll try out my new technique

    Naruto asks if he could train with you, so you...

    No, I'm busy (Me: Yeah right! You aren't doing anything! You: Shut up!)
    Awesome! *Punches Naruto in the face* There I'm done training (Me: XD Nice!)
    Sure, I'll train with you

    Quiz is over...

    Thank God! (Me: I agree)
    Will you leave me alone now? (Me: No)
    Well, I'm going to train
    No what's your fav color question? (Me: No)
    Just give me my results already!

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