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    You wake up one morning and realize you are an animal, do you have fur and a tail?

    Yes, I'm very furry, and my tail is so large and furry it's bigger than my head
    I'm furry and I have a rather thin smooth tail
    I can't tell weither I have a tail or not, but I may or may not be furry

    When you wake up, are you outside or in a house?

    As far as I can see, I'm outside
    Walls... Windows... I'm sure I'm in a house
    I honestly could care less

    If you are in a house, you walk around a bit until a human picks you up, what do you do?

    (choose at most 2 answer(s))
    Flail around a bit wondering what's going on
    I'm too big to be picked up, so I'll just lay down
    Calm down, relax, and fall asleep in the strange human's arms
    Jump down from the human, might as well explore around the place, it won't hurt
    I'm outside

    If you are outside, what do you see around you?

    I see a large pond, good enough to swim in too
    I see a large bountiful forest, Might as well look around
    I'm in a grass meadow, I wonder if I could find some good herbs around here
    I'm sunbathing on a rock, there's not much in this boring place to see
    I'm inside the house

    Back inside, you find yourself in a medium sized room. The human says that's their room, what now?

    Make yourself at home, I'm not going anywhere
    I'll make myself a bed right next to theirs
    look outside the human's window. I wanna see what's going on
    I'll play around with the human a little
    I'm outside

    Back outside, you walk around for a bit until you find a mushroom. Should you eat it?

    Eat the mushroom without wondering if it's poisonous
    Nah, that squirrel looks more appatizing
    It smells fine and doesn't look poisonous, it should be fine to eat
    If there's a chance it could be poisonous, I'm going to scavage for berries
    I know the forest a lot, so I know it's not poisonous
    I'm inside the house

    Inside, you relax a bit and don't see what could be wrong, but then you notice something outside...

    Woah, what was that?!
    That thing may come to the house, better investigate
    Maybe I can give it to the family, I'll check it out
    If that thing hurts my new friends it's going to pay
    I'm outside

    Outside, well that mushroom wasn't poisonous, but you are still hungry when you approach a house...

    Well, I see some bugs over there, I might as well go over
    If I play my cards right, I can trick that stupid family into letting me inside
    I'm fine now, I can find some eatable food around here
    Houses have way more food inside, I'm going in
    I'll check the trash for scraps, I don't wanna bug the family too much
    What's that noise coming from outside?

    Inside animal, you rush outside to see what's what when you find a foraging outside animal. What are you going to do?

    (choose at most 2 answer(s))
    Hey! What are you doing here?!
    I'll stay where I am, maybe the animal will go away
    Charge after the animal that may try and hurt your new friends
    Maybe if I chase after it, I can scare it off with my claws and fangs
    Huh, what's that inside animal doing?

    Outside animal, you walk up closer to the house when an inside animal starts charging at you. What are you going to do?

    I have to stand my ground, I'm not going to be intimidated
    Try and stop the animal from attacking. Why did they try to attack you?
    I've gotta get outta here, I don't wanna be involved I could be killed
    *smile menecingly* Come into my web said the spider to the prey...
    If I hide in the bushes, they won't find where I am
    I've gotta get rid of those trespassers

    Reguardless of what you were, you won the fight, so what will you do now?

    I'm going back inside to take a nap
    I'm going back to my forest, I had a rough day
    I'm happy, I'll go play with my new human friends
    I knew conflict couldn't do anything but make people suffer
    Hehehe I'll go into that house and kill that family of theirs...
    I'll go to my pond and swim for a bit
    Man, am I tired. I'll go take a nap, I need the rest

    Which of these animals is your personality type?

    Bird/Peaceful to avoid conflict
    Wolf/Loyal to it's pack
    Tiger/Playful when not disturbed
    Monkey/Hyper to get something
    Dog/Bold towards anyone that tries to intimidate me or my friends
    Spider/Evil and menecing towards anyone, only I deserve the best
    Dolphin/Smart and intelligant when asked a question

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