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    Tell me about your past.

    Past? The past is done! I just wish he'd quit living in the past...
    I wish I could remember my past...
    Doesn't concern you.
    It has been kept secret. Even from my family.
    Past? This morning I ate toast.
    I love my life and all the memories I have!

    How do you show your emotions?

    I only have two! Happy and love!!!
    Scattered and sporadic.
    I'll put on a front so the one I love is happy.
    Obsessive for that one person... I'd die for them...
    I'm so sad... I'm just so alone.

    Your friends describe you as...

    A psycho stalker.
    Calm, warm, friendly... on the outside.
    Hard to reach, difficult, endlessly sad and always agitated.
    Someone who toys with others emotions.
    Warm and bubbly!!! ^-^

    On a weekend you can be found...

    Alone in my room, wondering what he's doing...
    Plotting to make that person stronger.
    Hanging out with friends, trying to get them to do stuff with me!
    Waiting for him to call.
    Trying to get my stupid best friend to give up his reckless ways...
    Stalking, stalking, sleeping.

    Mysterious is a word that...

    It's a real word?!?!
    Describes that new kid.
    Is a word that I don't use... often... all the time...
    Describes something painful that happened to me...
    It's a beautiful word.
    Describes the world I exist in.

    In school you...

    I'm the top of the class!
    I tend to day dream...
    I try my best!!!
    I study beautiful things.
    I study the beautiful things as well... it just happens to have long hair and and glasses...
    Wouldn't you like to know?

    Describe your perfect date.

    Who has time for a date? There are mysteries I need to solve!
    Picnic... um... sunset... kissing!!!
    Beautiful Yukio... alone with me....!!
    Having him all to myself, no sacrifice!!!
    You... all I want is you...
    Children date, I conquer.

    Your smiles are...

    Are sadistic
    Meant for only you.
    Rarely on my face.
    Usually pasted on.
    Always on my face. True and genuine!
    For you For you FOR YOU!!!

    Do you like to be ordered around?

    That's my reason for living.
    I can't give them... even if that's all he wants from me..
    Try it. See how long you'll live.
    Orders? Like food?
    Dammit! They aren't the meaning of life!!! *frustrated scream*
    If you order me to do something, I'd do it!

    Describe your perfect lover...

    Lover? *looks off in the distance*
    *blush* Lover!?!?
    *sigh* Pink hair, ears, nice body...*sigh*
    Strong, beautiful, will order me around.
    Will listen to every command I dish out.
    Dammit!!!!! Why won't he notice me!!!!

    What's your home life like?

    At home I cook!
    My up bringing will be your end.
    Kinda spastic....hm, maybe that�s why...
    My home is with my master. Nothing else matters.

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