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    Say you are going to be a remarkable chevalier to protect your master. What kind of outfit do you prefer?

    A plain black suit with long coat and white shirt.
    A prevailing attire in the most supreme garments, like a daring white suit with blue tie.
    A moderate yet aristocratic suit, like a customary sovereign of the renaissance era.
    A mere short pants with simple shirt, or even maybe a pair of snickers.
    A traditional but easy to move clothes, no need of garnishing.
    An awkward yet artistic dress with traversed patterns or colors.
    An appealing mercenary uniform in black.

    Your master seems a little gloomy and you want to cheer her up. What would you do?

    I would embrace her and tell her that everything is going to be all right, if that is what she wishes for.
    I would ask her if she requires anything in particular, like ripping off her enemies and shed their blood.
    I would take her to the place she desires or bring her some �toy� to lark about.
    I would take her on a nice long walk in town and have some crepes or ice cream.
    I don�t have to ask her, I know what is inside her mind. To slaughter our enemies, mwa ha ha�
    I would arrange a delightful performance so she can reveal her entertaining aptitude and spread �the love�.
    I would say, �You�re the master, your wish is my command. Being murky would not bring us any victory. Now, provide me an authority to exterminate our enemies.�

    One day, when your master and you were taking a walk, you crossed over your master�s opponent and her comrades. Without any forewarning, your master and you were wedged into the middle of a confrontation. What action did you take?

    Sheltered my master with my weapons and strength, made myself as a body armor so she couldn�t be harmed by our enemies.
    Particularly aimed to assassinate her most powerful chevalier and seized him down first, then persuaded her to collaborate our assembly and attain the ultimate destiny together.
    Straightforwardly attacked her with the most vicious and ruthless assault, and convinced my master to do as well.
    I didn�t cry even though I was so terrified, but I left the fight to the expert one. At least I stood by my master� from the rear�
    Stupid question! Of course I leaped into the middle of the encounter zone, full forces and valiant, the victory is mine� MINE AND MINE ONLY�
    What a tedious circumstances� my master possessed a bunch of extraordinary chevaliers, she didn�t need me to taint my hands with a disgraceful combat�
    Terminated her with the most gallant and chivalrous struggle, and made sure that my master comprehended my brilliance.

    Being a chevalier doesn�t mean that you�re not allowed to have a spare time. What would you do for your leisure?

    To be with my master is my leisure. But I do play cello once in a while.
    Fulfill my passion of seeking out for one thing I desire in my timeless life. A date with my master�s opponent would be nice�
    Gain more and more companions in order to strengthen our sovereign state of enduring existence.
    Watch tv� hey, I�m still an ordinary kid�
    Leisure� what is that? Oh, you mean what do I do when I�m not shredding and slashing up my enemies or anybody that annoys me? Hmm, hunting them down would be fine�
    My whole life is a leisure. Why not? I have an everlasting essence to do what I�d like to do.
    Advance my intelligence in straightening up a strategy to vanquish our enemies, and impress my master with it.

    Do you believe in love?

    I do, if that is what my master wishes to.
    If I have faith in an entity called love, then I have committed a sin.
    The love I trust is an infinite devotion to please my master.
    Yeah! Though I�m too young to understand what love is�
    Huh? Love, you say? I can�t even believe that the WORD is stated in the dictionary�
    Love is all around� and my master is the enormous love of my life� have I mentioned the everlasting life?
    Love is for the weak. I would have to change love into courage. And yes, I believe in courage, especially my own bravery.

    What is your ultimate dream?

    I only exist for my master�s essential. My dream is what she contemplates.
    I dream of soaring away around the world with the love of my life, and building an enigmatic nest of our own.
    A domineering power to rule the world and please my master.
    I just want to live happily ever after with everybody I care about.
    Blood� blood� and only blood�
    To beautify my master with the splendid prettiness� anyway, I am the only genius with distinguished taste of life in our troop�
    To be the most superior chevalier ever�

    If you were to die, what would be your last words to your master?

    I love you.
    I can�t die without fulfilling the wish of my one true love. Master, you have to die�
    This mortality will never be the end.
    Please, I�m too young to die!
    You fool! Chevaliers don�t die!
    Death is the beauty of a mortal life, I surely don�t want to go through it yet�
    I shall resurrect and become stronger than before.

    Choose the words that describe you the most.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)

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