Destainy Lost What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?

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    If you have any sisters at all, how would you describe your relationship?

    We fight a lot, but we love each other!
    They make me SICK!!
    They call me a baby because I'm the youngest. But I can prove myself!
    A bunch of girly girls...
    I really love my sisters! Look! I even drew a family picture!!!
    Tight until the end...

    How would you describe your personality?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 5 answers)
    Born leader

    What is your hair color?

    Blond all the way!
    Jet Black...
    Classic red head!
    I'll never tell you! -_-

    Pick a phrase that describes you...

    The girl next door!
    A referee to my sisters...
    Sweet like candy!
    I'm the lone wolf...
    Always ahead of the pack.
    Ahhhhhh!! A spider!

    What is your absolute favorite color?

    No! Blue!
    No, greens the best!
    Stop fighting!!!!
    *Deep breath*

    If you had a weapon to fight evil; What would it be?

    A huge mallet that flattens villains!
    A five foot tall bubble wand!
    A super sweet Yo-Yo!
    I want to master them all!

    If some one walked up to you and called you a *Jerk faced freak* What would be your reaction?

    I don't even know you...
    You're the jerk!
    *Sniff* *Sniff*
    You're dead!!
    That was totally uncalled for...
    Who are you!!!

    You are walking don't the street and you see a poor homeless kitty...WHAT DO YOU DO?!!!

    OMG kitty!!
    Just leave it...
    Lets take it to the nearest shelter.
    I'd have to drag my sister away from it kicking and screaming...
    Lets take it home!!!

    You see your worst enemy, but HE doesn't see you. What would you do?

    Attack for behind...
    Just walk away, the best way to settle things is by avoiding a fight.
    Give him a dirty look...
    Try to settle things by talking.
    Use my huge mallet and smash him with it.
    Talk trash from a mile away... (You gotta play it safe...)
    *There you are! I've finally found you!*

    You get into a fight with your sisters... again. What would be your part in the argument?

    I started it...
    I didn't anything!!
    Will you two quit?!
    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!

    A mutant monkey attacks the city! What do you do?

    *Punch* *Kick* *Slam* "You're going away for a long time...
    *Where's my mallet?!*
    Yay it's a puppy!
    Yo-Yo attack!!
    *Mojo jo jo is at it again!*

    How did you like my quiz?

    I liked it very much...
    It wasn't bad...
    Stick to your day job!
    I loved it!!
    It was very random...
    It smells...

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