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    All right . . . favorite color? *pulls on helmet*

    Nothingness (that's not a color :P)
    Colors are illogical.
    Dark purples . . . gloomy colors
    Blue or silver.
    Turquoise . . . or turqouisey.
    Pink, of course!
    Sigh . . . yellow *eye-rolling*
    I never really thought about it . . .

    Now, what's your favorite element?

    The Moon
    Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
    Pink! Flowers! Nature!
    Electricity or lightning.

    If you had to pick one of these weapons, which would you pick?

    Aerial blades - and don't you dare call them lightsabers.
    Science! Look at what Hojo did!
    Knowledge . . . illusion . . . thought.
    A claymore
    Chakram . . . with fire! Everything's better with fire!
    My trusty sitar.
    A scythe.
    Kunai knives.
    A keyblade.

    Which of these phrases is most like your personal mantra?

    Kiiiiinngdom Hearts! Nothingness . . . oblivion . . . darkness . . . angst.
    Science is fun!
    . . .
    I'd give my soul for a heart, but, unfortunately, I lack even that.
    Burn, baby, burn! And something about hearts . . .
    I want a heart :(
    I'm so pretty, so pretty and witty and gaaaaaaaay!
    Everybody wants a heart, but it's much easier to be a psychopath without one!
    I'm confused . . .

    Which of these books would you most like to read?

    I'm too busy to read.
    Textbooks and science journals!
    Anything I can get my hands on.
    Astronomy books.
    I always end up burning the books I read . . .
    If I can read it in one sitting! I'm too hyper!
    Magazines . . . books are boring.
    Anything about the greatest sadists and serial killers.

    How much hair gel should you/would you use?

    As much as the superior will allow!
    As much as Oblivion Mart has in stock.
    A medium amount . . .
    I don't like hair gel. (Get out of here! :P)

    Do you like yaoi? Or at least shounen -ai . . .

    It's sexy!
    I'm one half of a pair . . .
    No, not my thing.
    No comment.

    Dou you have fangirls?

    Make them go away . . .
    I have them, but I'm not interested.
    I'm a woman, stupid!

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