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    After the Scouring Dragons and Humans opinons of each other changed. What are your feelings about humans now?

    Fa likes humans very much!!
    ....I don't know.....I do as I am told....
    I used to hate them but now... There are very good people in the world.
    They saved my sister and they were very kind to us even after they found out what we were, so I don't hate them at all. I respect them.
    I don't know what the scouring is... But they helped me save the one I love, I owe them everything.
    *weak smile* Of course I like humans...

    Were you alive during the Scouring?

    I told you I don't know what the scouring is!

    Where do you live?

    Fa Lives in Arcadia
    I don't know....
    I used to live in the mountains of Illia but now... My home is in our world...
    With my sister of course!
    Goldoa, with the one I love.

    Pick the option that appeals to you the most, but choose carefully! It says a lot about you!

    (choose at least 1 and at most 1 answers)
    Pretty Lights! Pretty Music! Pretty Things!!
    My master getting what he wishes...
    For Humans and Dragons to once again live in peace together.
    Dark magic tombs.
    To live in peace with him.
    Shiny Things
    The outside
    Ice, Snow, anything cold.
    My family
    peace and quiet.

    What would you do if you found out that the humans on the continent you live on have started a war?

    OH NO!!! Fa doesn't like war!! Fa has to help it end!
    Watch them kill each other.... or what my master tells me to do...
    *shocked expression* No! I have to help stop the fighting!
    WAR!? I hate war!! *runs to get some help*
    Not again!!!!!! *sigh* Who are those humans fighting this time!?
    I will help return peace so I can read in peace...

    Tell me a little something about your past.

    Fa had to stay in a little room, she was not allowed outside... *cries*
    I...Don't remember...
    Hard, it was sad, I lost those I care for in that war... Other then my brother... I try to block it out.
    I don't remember much, only what my sister told me...
    It was hard, I lost my parents, But I have my grandfather and I have him...
    I spend time reading and with my friends, I needn't say anymore.

    How much dragon blood do you have?

    HALF!! Fa is a Mamkute! dragon
    I am not sure... I am a Laguz dragon so....

    What quiz would be complete without asking your favorite color! So what is YOUR favorite color?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 1 answers)
    Yellow! NO! Purple! NO!.... FA LIKES ALL COLORS!
    Anything dark...

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