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    How would you approach the average battle?

    I'd blast through anything that go in my way and leave some smoking wreckage where my target used to be. Better safe than sorry.
    I'd do battle like a true gentleman (or lady) and fight my enemies face to face. I will be happy to give an honorable death to any who wish for it.
    I'd do battle as a last resort. However, if it came to that, I'd fight my enemies up close, giving them every chance to surrender, but never really putting myself in a situation of unnecessary danger.
    I'd sneak in undetected and destroy everything before anyone would know what was happening. I might leave a couple of defenseless people behind to tell others about my amazing battle skills.
    I'd approach the battle with tried and true methods, using my superior skill and ability to take down my enemy. Relying on what's proven to work is always the best bet.
    I'd go in unnanounced, do what I need to do, then leave. In the end, I'd ensure that, without a doubt, I'd done my job.
    I'd make my enemies sorry for ever confronting me. That is, if they're even worth my time. I'm no coward, so I'd fight them up close, but I wouldn't even give them the chance to touch me.

    How would you describe yourself?

    I'm a little sneaky, and sometimes I leave a mess, but I always get the job done. Anyone who's left at the end will have an amazing story to tell about me.
    I'm very courageous. I never back down from a worthy opponent. When I'm through with them, they'll wish they'd never challenged me.
    I'm always well prepared, sometimes even too prepared. I can go a bit overboard sometimes. I'm the kind of person who would use an axe when a butter knife will do just fine.
    I am purposeful and practical. I do nothing more or less than my job, and I always ensure it's done right.
    Iím very chivalrous. I like to ensure that I approach an enemy face to face and fight fairly, that way, when I win the battle, I know I was undeniably the best and I have no reason for shame.
    Iím careful, but Iím not a coward. I donít like to cause any more destruction than necessary.
    Iím a little old fashioned I suppose. I like to rely on the skillful execution of classic moves.

    Choose some of these random words (at least three, at most six.)

    (choose at least 3 and at most 6 answers)

    Okay, I know it's cliche but... choose your favourite colour.


    Hypothetical situation: You're all alone, minding your own business, when you're suddenly surrounded by a group of your enemies. What do you do?

    Calmly explain that we donít need to fight, then win the battle when they donít back down. Iíd be sure to take mercy on any of the survivors.
    I would appeal to them to face me like gentlemen, then battle them all with honor when they refuse.
    Iíd hope that a few of them would be worthy adversaries. They still wouldnít stand a chance, but at least the battle might be interesting.
    Approach them head on and leave a smoking pile of rubble where they used to be.
    Calmly destroy them all, then go off somewhere secluded to assess the damage (if any) to myself.
    Iíd stick to a standard plan and decide whether escaping or standing my ground would be the best bet.
    Use my speed and amazing skills to distract and confuse them, then take them all down in a flurry of attacks.

    Would you ever allow yourself to be taken prisoner?

    No way. I would rather fight to the end than be taken prisoner.
    Maybe as a last resort, but they wouldnít have any clue about the kind of prisoner theyíd be contending with.
    I might be taken prisoner as part of an attack strategy.
    If it meant sparing some lives and giving me a chance to talk some sense into people, I might be willing to be taken prisoner. Iíd have a carefully thought out escape plan ready though, just in case.
    They would never have a chance to capture me. Itís not part of the plans.
    I would rather die an honorable death than be captured.
    I donít know. If I ran out of ammo, maybe. It depends on the situation.

    Would you ever take prisoners?

    If they asked to be my prisoners, Iíd take them. Itís not chivalrous to kill those begging for mercy or to leave them behind.
    Probably not, unless it was part of my job.
    No. Anyone too weak to fight me will have run off before I even got the chance, and I wouldnít want prisoners anyway.
    Of course. It would be better than causing so much death.
    Of course. Having prisoners allows one to use many different strategies.
    If there was anyone left to take as prisoner in the end I might.
    I might consider it. Itís always a good idea to have a bargaining chip handy.

    This might seem strange, but... what's your favourite ice cream flavour?

    I don't eat ice cream
    I prefer a nice sorbet or froze yogurt to ice cream.

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