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    All right, as painful as it seems, do you think you can name one of your personal flaws?

    Company really bothers me. I'm a bit too introverted.
    I take very little seriously.
    I tend to take everything too far.
    I have a tendency to brag about myself in an arrogant and pompous way.
    I let people take advantage of me.
    I hold grudges that aren�t easily redeemed.
    I'm always being fooled. I guess I'm a bit too trusting.
    I have a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times.
    I take everything too seriously. According to everyone else, at least.
    Tell you what; I'll let you know when something comes to mind, okay?

    In general, how do others view you?

    People think I'm lovable and friendly.^^
    People think I'm crafty, and no one really trusts me. It's probably wise of them.
    They find me to be a loner and an outcast.
    Others find me rather cold at first, but realize I warm up after I know them.
    People think I'm sweet and generous, which I am.
    They think I'm too self-centered for my own good. I can't see it.
    In general, people think I'm intelligent and alert.
    They find me loyal, though they also find me a bit too humorless.
    People usually find me rather intimidating.
    Others find me funny and lighthearted.

    What's the most important thing that comes to mind at the moment?

    Laughter! Laughter and joy! That�s what makes the world go 'round!
    Keeping things the way they are.
    Friendship! No Wait... Ice cream. No... Friendship! Yeah, friendship.
    There are so many important aspects of life, it's impossible to name just one.
    Giving people what's coming to 'em.
    Fun. Everyone needs to have fun.
    Nature. A truly respectable aspect in life.
    Protecting the ones you care for.
    All you need is love.^^ That or complete domination.

    What�s your outlook on people?

    Most people are cruel, devilish and uncaring. Very rarely will I find a person of moderate moral values.
    People are such an interesting concept... I could watch them for hours.
    Fun, aren�t they?
    People are fine, but they'll just have to come to terms with the fact that I'm better than all of them.
    People are, for the most part, good and caring. However, society has a way of corrupting the human race, and twisting many into foolish or vicious beings.
    People are great! I love meeting new people!
    Some people are nice, some people are not. Some people are insightful, some should be shot. It rhymes.^^
    It depends on the person. Some are kind and friendly, while others are cold and withdrawn.
    I'm... Not... Sure...
    People are time consuming and worthless.

    If you witnessed an acquaintance of yours being threatened by another, what would you do?

    I'd rush over there and help them out! Now, now, lets not fight...
    Sit down and watch intently.
    I'd get someone else to stop them. I'm not one to get involved in arguments.
    Hmmmm... It depends on who this acquaintance is...
    I'd try and help them work it out with words, and not violence. If that fails, I'll take action, and fight.
    Go over there and kick the other guys butt. Take that, you jerk!
    Walk over, force the antagonist to stop, and walk away. You're welcome.
    Keep walking. It's his problem, not mine.
    I'd help them out of course! There�s nothing' like friendship in this whole world! Also, I like the occasional battle.^^
    Picking on my friends? Not on my watch...

    How do you show anger?

    Anger? Nooooo I'm never angry. Slightly ticked, sure; a little rattled, sometimes; mildly annoyed, once in a while... But never angry. *Smile*
    I flip from a bumbling dunce into a lean, mean, killing machine. If anything stands in my way, it's done for.
    I'm never really angry. I'm mostly plagued with sadness.
    When I'm mad, everyone knows it. I shout and scream, sometimes even physical violence is necessary. I HATE ALL OF YOU!
    My tone of voice changes, as well as my expression. Usually I don't do anything though. Not until I'm pushed to the edge.
    I direct my anger to the subject, and let it explode. Everyone else is safe, for the most part.
    I usually just mutter and complain to myself. Feh.
    Though I usually don't face true anger, when I'm mad, I'm MAD. Just stay out of my way or you'll end up hanging upside-down from a tree.
    Physical violence. Always physical violence.
    Mope in the corner.

    Okay, so you're at a friendly party. First of all, what are you doing?

    Sitting in a chair watching everyone enjoy themselves.
    OH MAN! FOOD! *Shoots to table, loads plate with snacks, then trips on the wire plug connecting the stereo, ruining it for everybody* Oh I meant to do that My bad, everyone! *Stands up and loads plate once more*
    Embarrassing myself on the dance floor. Hey, I'm trying really hard, okay?
    Showing off my moves to the ladies/men. They can't keep themselves off me.
    Dragging my friend to the dance floor.^^
    Leaning against a wall staring at my feet. Why was I dragged here, anyway?
    Well this is pointless. *Walks to snack table* At least there's food.
    Lurking in the shadows, smirking at passerbys. Having fun?
    My friend has dragged me to the dance floor. I really don't want to, but I do it for his/her sake.
    Most likely spiking the punch. Enjoy.^^ *Snicker*

    At that same party, the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on, a headless body is lying in the middle of the dance floor. What's your reaction?

    Oh no! Oh-no-oh-no-oh-no-oh-no-oh-no! *Runs screaming in a panic* Gyaaaa!
    GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *Weeps uncontrollably*
    At a party like this, it was bound to happen.
    Awww, another party ruined. Dang it all... Now what?
    Well we should probably find out who did it Any ideas?
    *Sigh* What now? Should we dispose of the body, at least?
    Oh boy. I knew no good would come of a huge party.
    I have no idea what's going on... Did I miss something interesting?
    That's no way to get a head in life........... What? Why is everyone looking at me?
    *Smirk* Oops.

    When you arrive at school/work, the first thing you do is go to your locker/desk. When you open it, however, you find someone has stuffed it with rotting fish. Now what?

    Oh boy. This was uncalled for.
    All right, so it's mildly amusing. Now comes swift death; which, in return, should also be mildly amusing.
    I'll forget about it. Yes, it's annoying, but it was just a childish prank. If they do it again, then I'll take action.
    Gaa! Whoever did this; I'll find you! I'll find you, and tear out your lungs! You're going to regret the day you messed with ME!
    Oh boy. That's not good That's not good at all Awwww. *Hangs head*
    Revenge shall be mine, a just revenge of course. I'm not going to give them more than what they deserve.
    I know who did it. I know exactly who did it. *Coolly walks off to hunt down perpetrator*
    At least its just fish. There's about a thousand worse things it could be.
    This isn't funny. I'll find you. Mark my words... I will find you.
    Hmmm. Smells fishy to me.

    You're driving down the street, when a huge traffic jam hits. You're going to be stuck there for a while, and the guy in the car behind you won't stop yelling out the window and honking. In addition to this, there are cars on either side of you, making it impossible to drive up onto the sidewalk. (You know who you are) What are you going to do?

    Get out, and tell them to stop it in a friendly way. If they tell me to shut up, I'll walk back to my car, and mope, still having to deal with the annoying beeping.
    *Turns around angrily,* Hey, hey, hey! Knock it off, already! Don't make me come back there! Cause I will!
    Sit there angrily, dealing with the annoying honking, trying to lock myself in a room in my mind.
    Scream and honk back at them. Jerk! Knock it off, already! Can't you see there's nothing I can do?! What are you, stupid?! Eergh, this is pointless!
    Kindly ask them to stop. If they don't, then I'll take it a step further.
    Turn around and glare. See? They stopped.
    Tell them to stop it, before I rip their face off. It usually works.
    I'd deal with it for a while. When I'm not able to handle it any more, I'd step out of my car, walk over, smile, rip the steering wheel out, and walk back.
    Step out and try to beat them to death until my friend pulls me away, telling me to calm down.
    Step out and tell them to stop. If they refuse, I'll walk back to my car, unbothered. Heheh... It'll be sad when they find out their brake cable is missing...

    You've been asked by your boss/teacher to staple a two-inch high stack of blank printer paper with just one staple. Good luck.

    I'm not going to complain about the task. Of course, I'm not going to try, either.
    Okay! *Tries really, really hard, and fails* Awww... *Tries and fails again* No... *Tries once more, and fails* NO! *Screams* WHY CANT I DO IT?!
    The best way of solving this is to calculate the most efficient way to pull it off, and accomplish the task with as little frustration as possible.
    *The staple is shoved partway in barely holding them together, and half the sheets are ripped and bent* I... Am... AMAZING!
    Um... I don't think I'll be able to pull this off... Is it really physically possible to staple a stack like this with one staple? Are you serious in asking this of me? I mean I'll try, but I already know what's going to happen.
    Do you really expect me to staple two inches worth of paper with one staple? That's stupid. You're stupid.
    I'm not even going to try. That's the stupidest task I've ever heard. She probably just gave it to me because she new I wouldn't be able to do it.
    *Staples easily* Well, that was pointless.
    *Stands with stack in hands* ...............Demotion is imminent.
    SURE! I'll take on that demon stack known as printer paper, and I'll kick its butt so hard, it'll end up in China! VICTORY! Looks like that papers bark was worse than it's bite...

    What do you think of yourself?

    I'm the most amazing thing to ever grace the earth! Everyone deserves to share my presence. Why am I so incredible?! *Rants about awesomeness*
    I'm happy! I'm always happy! Until I get mad Then I'm mad. Or sad. When I'm sad, I'm not happy. But I'm usually happy!
    I'm so incredible; I don't even need to brag. People take one look at me, and they already know.
    I'm usually sad. I am smart though; I got that going for me. Still, what's the point of being brainy if I'm always melancholy?
    I'm not worthy of this life. I'm not worthy of anything, really.
    I'm strong and independent. I'm a fine person, though I wouldn't say I'm infatuated with myself.
    I'm great! I'm hilarious, fun-filled, and quite adorable! Awww *Hugs self*
    Oh, well I'm okay, I suppose. People are always thinking I'm something I'm not, though. That can be a bit of a bother.
    I'm not necessarily a happy person, but I'm still rather egotistical and self-confident. Still, most of my emotions are bottled up inside.
    I'm fine. Things could be so much better for me if I weren't stuck in this stupid and inconvenient body.

    Can you keep a secret?

    I'll try... I'll try real hard... I'll try and try and try; Then explode in the middle of a crowd, letting everyone know. Oops.
    Of course. Depending on the severity of the situation, at least. If it involves the death of a friend or so on, I'm probably going to inform someone.
    That depends. If you ask me to keep a secret, I won't tell anyone. If you ask me to keep a secret, then force me to take an oath saying I'll never inform a soul, I'll tell everyone.
    Yes, I can keep a secret. *12 seconds later* Hey Natsumi, guess what?
    I'm incredibly good at keeping secrets. I'm very dependable and trustworthy. I've never let someone down by revealing their secrets to another soul.
    You don't trust me? I can keep a secret. I keep lots of secrets. I'm really good at respecting others wishes, on account of the fact that I know what it feels like to be disrespected. I'll tell no one.
    I don't really have anyone to tell anyway, so I might as well keep it secret.
    I'm a man/woman of my word. Of course I can keep a secret. Although not that many people are openly willing to share them with me.
    Hmmmmm............ Secret?
    Um... Yes... *Shifty eyes*

    At a theme park, where might you be?

    Being dragged around by my friends, going wherever they're going, and doing whatever they're doing I don't want to be here, but my friends really wanted me to come... So I did.
    Sure, I'd be having fun. Doing what normal people do, eating what normal people eat... As long as I'm surrounded by friends who care about me, I'm fine.
    Trying to push my way past all the people waiting in line. Get out of the way, idiot!
    I'm doing whatever everyone else wants to do. I'm flexible, and though I do have preferences over activities, if others don't want to, we don't have to. I'm just saying what I think, but going with the flow.
    Sitting on the bench, muttering to myself. Why am I here? How did I get dragged into this situation? I hate everyone.
    At the petting zoo, sitting in the corner stroking all the poor, trapped animals, which clearly prefer my company over that of small children. That's when the zookeeper tries to force me out on account of the fact that I'm not being 'fair' to the other kids.
    Volunteering for every show and competition in need of an audience member, and attempting to bump into every man-in-a-giant-stuffed-animal-costume possible. I'd love to work at a place like this It's like heaven in sticky, smoke-scented, carnival form.
    Happily riding the rides, enjoying the shows, and, of course, petting the adorable animals at the petting zoo.^^ Awww, aren't these pygmy goats the most adorable things you've ever seen? *Hugs goat*
    Riding the carousel. Again... And again... And again... Grinning at the terrified ride operator every time I pass.
    You don't want to know. I mean, you really don't want to know. It would ruin your outlook on theme parks forever.

    Are you a good listener?

    Not really. I try. I try really hard, but...
    I'm terrible at listening. That's about all there is too it. I can't help it, I'm just thinking about my own little... Oh! A butterfly!
    I'm always listening, always respecting, and always sympathizing with the speaker. Even if I'm not that interested, I'll pay attention, because it's the kind thing to do. I'll answer every question, and speak when necessary.
    Sure, I listen. I just don't care.
    I am. I listen to everything people have to say, and when people are talking around me; trying or not; I always catch their conversations, whether I was expected to be included, or not.
    I listen. I listen, and then speak up when I hear something I don't like.
    Yes. I'll listen to every word. And though I may not care, I still respect every word that comes out of their mouth.
    I'm looking at the person; but thinking about something completely different. Well, it's not like it was important, or anything, right?
    I listen. I listen really, really hard. Unfortunately, it goes right over my head. *Nods in agreement* Sure, I get it...
    I'm sorry, what was that?

    What's something little that might upset or frustrate you anyway?

    I really wanted that piece of sushi. No, like, I really wanted it. Why? Why do you have to be so cruel to me? All I've ever been is a good friend, a good companion, someone who sticks with you through thick and thin... And this is how you repay me? By taking my sushi?! Tha--That's not fair That's not... That's not... *Overreacts* GYAAAAAAAAA! I'LL KILL YOU!
    If I don't get my way, or if things don't go how I planned, I'm usually a little frustrated, I suppose. Okay, so I'm really frustrated. I just make sure nobody else can tell. No, no. You just ruined my plans for complete domination... It's no big deal. *Screams in head*
    Children smashing bugs on the sidewalk, or burning ants with magnifying glasses. Those are living creatures too, you know. And they can feel just as much pain as you or I. Those poor animals don't deserve the kind of treatment they're receiving. Just leave them alone for once, okay?!
    What? What do you mean these fries are two dollars? That's outrageous! Ridiculous! No. No way! There's absolutely no way you're getting me to pay that! *Begins eating fries* It's completely absurd! How you can cheat people out of that kind of money for an eighth of a pound of fried potato shreds!? I won't pay it! *Attacked by security guards* Hey! HEY! Get off of me, you stupid... (Rants on)
    The dishonoring of my family line, or any other aspect of my life. When it's regarding me, I don't mind so much, but to disrespect my ancestors... I will not tolerate that!
    I hate it when people aren't paying attention to me. I NEED to be the center of attention in almost every situation, and when I'm not, I'll force myself into that position by throwing a fit. Not necessarily a fit of anger, but a fit of crass commentating, annoying outbursts, and irritating howling. No, not just screaming Actual howling. Woof.
    *Typing furiously* So close to completion... *Bzzzzt Kkksh* No... No *Computer crashes* NO! Oh, why didn't I SAVE?!
    An unlabeled VHS tape, or blank DVD. You know it has something on it... But what? So you spend time fast forwarding though it all, seeing if there's actually anything worth keeping, and whether you want to record over it or not. Then you've just wasted three hours of your life (in which you could have been doing something productive) watching an old episode of "The Sopranos" in fast motion. Then you ask yourself where the tape came from, anyway. You've never seen this show in your life...
    What? What do you mean you don't think I can write a poem?! I can too! Here Here!.................. I... I can't do it... I can't... *Sobs*
    When you're in dire need of a tissue, and for whatever reason, you can't seem to find one. You look everywhere, search everything, and you can't seem to figure out where they might be. You know you left the box on the table forty minutes ago. Why isn't it there anymore?!

    What's an interesting hobby of yours?

    I'm always surfing the web A little too much.
    Pickin up hot guys/chicks I love you. No wait, I love you... I love you too! Hey, where ya goin, sweetheart? Going to take a ride down the river of love? How about we share a swan boat?
    Eating. I really love food. I'm not very picky, either. Yum.^^
    People watching. People are quite interesting, after all.
    I like listening in on conversations. I guess that's considered eavesdropping, but its fun anyway.^^
    I really don't have time for myself. I'm always busy doing other things.
    I like spending time relaxing in a natural environment.
    Um... I don't... Know...
    I love making people laugh. I love making people laugh, and entertaining them with fun jokes and amusing anecdotes. So a horse walked into a bar and...
    *Smiles and laughs*

    Last question, I promise. A frog fell into a hole that was 14 1/2 feet deep. He could jump 3 feet, but he slid back a foot each time he jumped. How many jumps does it take him to get out of the hole?

    Hold on, let me work this out. Hmmmm Seven, I think. Yes, I'm pretty sure its seven.^^
    Even though he jumps three feet, the frog advances two feet with every jump. So the seventh jump, which brings him from 12 feet to 15 feet, is the jump that will get him out of the hole, considering he's not going to slide back down the well on the last jump.
    What kind of stupid question is that?!
    Pffffft. Beats me.
    I'm not much of a riddle person. Why don't you ask someone who enjoys those time wasting puzzle games?
    Er... Wait... I can do this... I CAN do this... I know I can do this... I can't do this.
    ................................................................................I don't know.
    Seven, assuming the beast isn't eaten by a snake on it's way out.

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