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    Are you a girl or a boy?


    Have you ever killed or thought of killing?

    Anyone who gets in our way always has a chance of being killed.
    Not directly, though my creations do.
    I THINK I did.
    Yes. I'd rather not, but I am more focused on my goals than worrying about people's lives.
    Yes, though against my will.
    It is my duty.

    What is most precious to you?

    My lover.
    My brother/sister.
    The one I have chosen, they promised to fulfill my wish.
    My crush.
    My status.
    Fulfilling the one thing my loved one couldn't accomplish before they passed away.
    My inventions, the things I work heart and soul on!

    What describes you?

    Strong, both mentally and physically.
    Err, normal?
    Kind to all people!

    What is your love life like?

    I don't really love any man. I am close to my comrades and extremely close to my sibling.
    I fell in love quickly and then my loved one was suddenly taken away from me before my eyes!
    I haven't found anyone my type yet.
    I am very close to my partner.
    I may have had my eye on someone...
    I enjoyed every minute of my love!
    I used to have a first love. There is also someone who loves me, but it is a one-sided love.
    My marriage was arranged.
    I do have a crush.

    How was your past?

    It was horrible! That is why I am in this mess!
    I was surrounded by my loving family!
    If I talked about it, it would seriously be the longest conversation in my life. I have lived a very long life.
    It is something I want to forget.
    It had its ups and downs.
    I spent most of my time with my brother/sister.
    Not much is known about it.

    Do you have a special ability?

    I am half metal.
    I am very skilled at fighting.
    I have the ability to give someone special powers.
    No, but my status should count as something!
    I am very good at building fighting mechs.
    I have the ability to control one's mind.

    Why do you hate you enemy?

    They build better fighting mechs than me!
    He is opposing the one I have chosen.
    My loved one was against them before they passed away. I am following in their footsteps.
    They humiliated me!
    They stole my crush (that's it?).
    I don't have any enemies!
    They killed my loved one.
    When my loved one died, they didn't do anything!

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