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Gifts Kaerlyn: puppy hug :3 twilight tiger: Thanks ^.^ Havent been on in a while :( Blue Latte: Happy New Year! =D LoveMeRen: I know~ LoveMeRen: Happy Holidays! JohnPhillip: Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!!! Hanaro Souhi: Thanks Ray!> w < You're awesome! Blue Latte: Happy Halloweeeennn!! <3 Amestar: Happy Easter Ray! lilredninjaonfire: thanks Blue Latte: How about choco pocky? =D Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 EmiTan5: Happy VDay Ray Amestar: Merry Christmas Ray :P anise fiedell: haha..thanks..^^ SarahPatricia: hurrhurr : [b-o-l-e-r-o] : i forgot you had to be bricked >.> ashio: Thank you! :) x Hanaro Souhi: Ray-san!> 3 < *hugs* Thanks for the gift Blue Latte: Then I need a good answer :P Blue Latte: How can I please you? :) Blue Latte: I think I deserve... something better =P : a cuppycake to cheer you up dyanaanime: Happy Easter ^^ Angel Satina: Happy Easter dear! :3 "hugs" Blue Latte: Happy Easter!!! :3 Blue Latte: Thaaaanks!!! :D Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's day dyanaanime: Happy New Year, Ray xD rainydayal: Happy Birthday!!! =^.^= Satina: Happy New Year dear bro!! ^o^ Blue Latte: Merry Christmas!! :D : Happy Holidays~! :D Angel Satina: Merry Christmas big bro!! ^_^"hugs" Angel Satina: belated HAPPIE B'DAY MY BIG BRO!!!!! gdaneqa: happy blated birthday.. sorry im late xp 2otaku2: !!!YADHTRIB YPPAH Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! Carina1301: happy birthday! :) Amestar: Happy Birthday Ray :) *hugs* Butterflykiss: happy birthday! *bows* I hope it's great CDCDCD89: Hope you have a happy birthday! Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ ^ w ^ ashio: It's a surprise :P lol ashio: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! :D dyanaanime: Happy Birthday, Ray ^^ ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! C; Kaerlyn: hope you had a lovely birthday~! sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday ^^ : happy bday! i hope ur having a blast! ashio: Have a spook-tastic Halloween xD ashio: A gift from me, guess what's inside ;) Pyrus aka Padme : hey ray its me ichigokuromaru09 hanawa: "Fine" is too subjective you know... XD hanawa: It's been a while, how do you do? ^^ : to rayman : friend Yugara: thank you very much x3 :D Hanaro Souhi: Thank you!~ Keep doing your best too! XD Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ mike2319: Happy Easter! Have some chocolate :D : Happy Easter! : happy easter!!! :3 Blue Latte: Happy Easter!! :D Carina1301: happy easter Morbid Dollie: You're being too sweet <3 ashio: Happy Easter Ray!! Carina1301: thank you for your honesty XD Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! X3 ThreeOnTheRun: Thanks for the subscribtion Blue Latte: Yuup, Latte only <3 Blue Latte: It's supposed to be Latte only XP Blue Latte: Happy St Patrick's day!! winterlionheart: ^-^ gdaneqa: appy bday to you~~~~ sasusaku 4ever: Hush! :3 Blue Latte: MWAHAHAHAHA!!! XDXDXD ashio: Thanks for your advice :) ReiKiba: You r welcome, do ur best in everything! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! =p Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's day! ashio: Happy Valentine's day Ray! Senshi of Love: ^^ sasusaku 4ever: Happy  New Year :p ^^ ashio: All the Best for 2011 Satina: Thanx for everything! ^_^ rainydayal: Happy Birthday!!! =^.^= Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ ReiKiba: Merry Christmas and H.New Year! ^-^ ashio: merry christmas ray! Immortal Queen: Have a very merry Christmas Butterflykiss: Merry Christmas Ray!!! : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus Ray! Satina: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^__^ hanawa: Otanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu~! ^__^ inuyashakutie25: happy b-day Knowmad: Happy BDay Ray! Have a great one! Quiet Noise: Happy (belated) b-day my friend! ^^ tallily21: Happy Birthday! Blue Latte: Enjoy your birthday cupcake <3 clueless101: Happy B-day ^^ : Happy Birthday Ray. Hope its a good one. Butterflykiss: Happy Birthday Ray!!!! ashio: Happy birthday! :) CDCDCD89: Happy Birthday! Felcie: Happy B-Day !!! >__< ReiKiba: Happy birthday n have a happy day! SarahPatricia: Happy Birthday Ray! KrondorianV: Happy B-day!!! ^_^ tallily21: Thanks for subscribing! Quiet Noise: have a happy Halloween *muhahaha*... ashio: happy halloween ray :) ReiKiba: Happy Halloween~!!! xD SarahPatricia: Happy Halloween Ray! Blake Jack: thank you for participating^^ SarahPatricia: cookie for wonderful vector wallies! ^^ CDCDCD89: Haven't seen u on in a while... : Thanks for joining my challenge~! ^_^ Clyne Lacus: Thanks for the cake and birthday wish!:D : cupcake 4 u �0�!! Satina: To my first bro "hugs" thankyou^^luuuv u Yugara: uww thx x33 :D SarahPatricia: pretty art works ^^ hanawa: Hey Ray congratz on the promotion! =D CDCDCD89: :-) ashio: sorry hanawa: Tq 4 d prezzie n 4 d comments, too! ^^ ouransgirl: Congrats on 3rd place!^_^ sp1derxweb000: s'ok :D! 1dev13: Thanks for partcipating in my contest! Immortal Queen: Congratulations on the riddle. Satina: A brick 2 chuck at me harder..sorryT-T : u can add me as ur buddy on aim Satina: belated HAPPY EASTER!! Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 Satina: A brick 2 chuck at me...T-Tsorry : thanks for your help Manicies: thank you for being a good friend ^^ Satina: Thankyou for your sweet friendship^-^ Satina: Ramen cup to my pirate pal^-^ LovelyRisa: Thanx for your support! Miracle Star19: RAY!!! Thank you for the subbed :D Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 : a congratulatory witch hat... GOOD JOB. hanawa: U r a gr8 friend! ^^ : Happy V-day Sir-TY-a-lot :P : here write down your worries bettie: go to my world and read my post plz^^ DragonRider11: howdy : happy holidays! ^_^ ReiKiba: thanx 4 subscribing n happy 2010!! aoi bara: happy holidays ^_^ IChiTa: thanks for the christmast night~ ^^
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