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04/15/17 Side Stories -*Stories*-
08/02/16 42,000+ views raffle WINNERS ANNOUNCED airsoul
09/18/15 Veryn -*Stories*-
09/03/16 Commissions OPEN SALE!!! airsoul
05/16/13 Chapter Five: No Miyuki Don't Touch That Tiar.. Speechless
10/27/13 Let It Roll (Digimon fanfiction) -*Stories*-
02/15/13 Just Believe (RotG fanfiction) -*Stories*-
07/24/12 Chapter three: A Warning? Speechless
07/07/12 Chapter one: Graduation Speechless
01/02/12 OH wonderful dreams airsoul
01/02/12 Chapter Fifty: The Plan Change
12/28/11 Chapter Forty-Nine: Just Like Brothers Change
10/17/11 Chapter Forty-Seven: The play Change
09/12/11 Possible Profile xzx~world domination~xzx <3
12/23/12 Here We Go Again (Digimon fanfiction) -*Stories*-
09/03/11 Chapter Forty-Five: Never Let Go Change
08/30/11 -Duel Academy- airsoul
08/29/11 Chapter Forty-Three: Happy Birthday Miyuki Change
08/20/11 Challenge alert!!! airsoul
01/06/12 Is This Just Another Love Story (OHSHC fanfic.. -*Stories*-
01/21/18 A Little Secret -*Stories*-
01/06/12 A Journry in Search of Something More (Inuyas.. -*Stories*-
03/18/16 Patrick the Liepard (Updated voice) OC Archive
08/02/11 What is going on Freaks of Nature
08/02/11 Chapter Forty-One: Secret Place Change
07/19/11 Chapter Thirty-Nine: But why?? Change
07/17/11 Alone Again Freaks of Nature
07/16/11 Getting back to a normal life Freaks of Nature
07/15/11 TIME IS BACK!!!!!! airsoul
07/13/11 Dante Grosvenor- Chronos Number Chronos War
06/17/11 Chapter Thirty-Seven: New Look Change
05/03/11 ALS Chapter 8: Oh the Joy Training
05/02/11 Chapter Thirty-Five: What's With You Kenji? Change
04/28/11 Chapter Thirty-Three: I'm starting to Figure.. Change
04/27/11 Chapter Thirty-One: Well That Could Have Gone.. Change
04/25/11 Chapter Twenty-Nine: Will You Go On A Date Wi.. Change
04/24/11 A Little Secret Chapter 7: My New Dorm Buddy
04/20/11 Chapter Twenty-Seven: Run Along the Beach Change
04/18/11 ITJALS Ch 6: This is Just Another Love Story
04/16/11 Chapter Twenty-Five: You Want me to do What N.. Change
04/06/11 ALS Chapter 6: I Try to Run From what I Am
04/06/11 Chapter Twenty-Three: Enter Taisuke Change
03/29/11 Chapter Twenty-one: Ride Change
03/27/11 Chapter Nineteen: An Interesting Call Change
03/26/11 ITJALS Ch 5: I Miss Him
03/26/11 Chapter Seventeen: Family talk Change
03/23/11 Chapter Fifteen: Dinner Time!! Change
03/13/11 Chapter Thirteen: Very Sick Change
03/11/11 Chapter Eleven: Erasing Memories Change
03/11/11 Chapter Nine: The World of the Charms Change
03/10/11 Chapter Seven: Another one...Ugh Change
03/09/11 Chapter Five: Pay back Change
03/07/11 Chapter Three: Night Out to Steal the Gem Change
03/06/11 Chapter One: Wake up!! Change
03/05/11 Kuro Roze (clueless101's 3rd character) Paranormal Researchers
03/04/11 Profile links ::*Yokai Academy*::
02/23/11 ALS chapter 5: What's Going on?
02/20/11 What happened Freaks of Nature
02/20/11 It Hurts Freaks of Nature
02/20/11 Come on Freaks of Nature
02/19/11 Hero Vs. Villain Story
02/11/11 DREAM!!! XD airsoul
02/10/11 Rp's possible airsoul
01/11/11 A Little Secret Chapter 4: Why Do You Keep Do..
12/14/10 itjals Chapter 4: A Day Hanging With the Host..
12/11/10 RPGing Options airsoul
01/29/11 STORY THIS FAR (points update) ~*Cursed Life*~
11/29/10 Profile links ~*Cursed Life*~
09/30/10 No Title Yet BUT IT'S A BLEACH STORY XD
09/20/10 A Little Secret airsoul
09/19/10 A Little Secret Ch 1
09/06/10 itjals Chapter 3
08/13/10 itjals chapter 2
05/01/10 Is This Just Another Love Story
02/26/10 Clueless101 airsoul
10/30/09 A Happy Reunionâ¦NOT!! Shinigami Academy

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