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    theOtaku.com Turns Legal - Oct 21 Chat Reunion Event

*Is this thing on*?

theOtaku.com's domain was registered on October 19th, 2000. Which means this week we're turning 18 years old!


Yeah, the site and community aren't they used to be...times have changed and many have moved on. But let's forget that and come together this Sunday and relive the old times with ALL DAY CHAT REUNION EVENT. That's Sunday, October 21st.


Fun fact: In the earliest days, a popular way people found theOtaku was by searching for anime screen shots. Back then, YouTube or Twitch or online video in general wasn't a thing, so the closest way you could relive your favorite anime was by trawling the web for still pictures. We had the best collection of them, partially because I'd rent anime DVDs, load them on my computer, and then take a gazillion screen shots as they played on fast forward. Good times.

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