ElementalNinja (iPhone & iPad Wallpaper Portfolio) Peaceful Summer Days

Peaceful Summer Days

[Original Scan]

[Original Scanner]

I really wanted to make an iWall out of this one too! It was just too cute to pass up. D:
Tales of Xillia has been taking up a good part of my summer this year and I regret nothing. Not even those great nights of staying up until 3AM and having a "Tales Hangover" from it the next day. It just makes me so happy that Xillia is selling so amazingly well here in NA. I'm glad that people are willing to give Tales games a chance these days to experience what they're truly made of. This series just brings me so much happiness and I'm glad that there are other people out there who are fans of it just like I am, and I can never forget the person who introduced me into Tales; the one you all know as Kelsey, my wifey for lifey.

I want to dedicate this to her in appreciation for introducing me to such a fantastic and glorious world, 3 years ago. These past years with Tales have been absolutely incredible, I can't put into words just how great it is. Just everything about the Tales Series just seems so..perfect to me, even if it does have a few minor flaws here and there, I look past those because I appreciate it for what it is and I really love it. It keeps improving each and everyday and strives to make itself better than what it already is, and I find it to be ingenious and intriguing all at the same time. From all the incorporation of Tales games into each other and the cameos that are slightly hinted at and from all the inferences you can make about what goes on and all the research you can dig up and just all the theories you can make..its just a pure hidden gem of a gold mine in JRPG's.

Urgh I could rant on about Tales forever! ;A; I have so much love for this series I just dksjfkdsfslfalsdsdfa; I don't know what to do with myself orz.

But yeah, I wanted to dedicate this to my Kelseykins just because she really opened up my world so much in so many ways~ I love yoooou! Hope you like it dearie~
Sorry if you can tell its still a scan. I tried to fix it up as best I could orz. I also have another thing for you later and it will get done!

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