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So its my first challenge in a long time. So here it is for all of you.

As the title reads "Bring it Back" I want all of you to make a wallpaper of an anime you feel as fallen out of view. I personally have gotten back into watching one of my favorite animes One Piece. And I feel that lately it has been forgotten, so I started making a lot of wallpapers for it, and I've even started making some mobile wallpapers for it as well. So here is your challenge.

1.) I want you to pick an anime you feel has been forgotten, and do a mobile wallpaper on it (size is up to you).

2.) Explain why it is you choose that anime.

3.) And the most important rule, enjoy making you wallpaper. If you do not then I shall kick out your entry for breaking that rule...even though I'll have no idea if anyone would break this rule...

4.) Oh...and finally UNLIMTED ENTRIES...which makes sense seeing we're trying to bring back forgotten animes.

Oh and of course you must follow all of the Otaku's rules when it comes to all entries.

Some examples of my attempt to bring my favorite anime back.
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