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Hello my darlings!! xNU with another challenge C:

I figured that apparently my last challenge was a little too hard, but thank you all who entered ♥
But Now, I am here with hopefully something much easier~


We all listen to music, no? Its something we can all share, obtain, and add to our playlists.
Well, don't some of you just FALL IN LOVE with a song? Its like, just an epic song or something and you just love it!

Well thats the point of this challenge. Make an Iphone/Ipad(?) wallie that includes a song that you listen to a lot.

Like for example(s), I listen to these songs a lot:
Bite my tongue - You me at six
Remember everything - Five finger death punch
I will always return - Byan Adams
Breath in to me - RED
Stupid(remix) - Sarah mcLachlan
Bleeding love - Leona Lewis
Ocean - John Butler
Rain -Dax Johnson

Use that or Those songs that you just love!

-Follow theO rules
-Give credit where it is do/links
-Yuri/Yaoi is allowed
-Must use a song that is one of your most loved songs
-Tell me the song name, artist, and if it is a remix
-Can use any kind of song: English, Foreign language, Anime openings/ending, Video game music, Movie music, etc
-Any Genre is welcomed
-Try to use your favorite lyrics
-Can be just instrumental music, but do tell me
-Unlimited entries

Anyone is welcomed to join, you do not have to participate if I invited you
Also, as usual, THREE MONTHS!!
Any questions, please just ask me ;3

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Sparks Fly ~Allie Elric
{RocktheWorld} ~BabyD
[Futuristic Lover] ~Ikemarth
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