Spread the Soul!!

Hey everyone! This is my first challenge, so be patient! Any who, I will make this simple. As you know, I have been putting up several Soul Hunter/Hoshin Engi items involving the Human Paope Nataku. Of course, I noticed not very many items are shown of this series. Therefore, my challenge is simple: Create a wallpaper involving any character from Soul Hunter. It doesn't have to be a favorite, just a cool wallie that promotes Soul Hunter to others in the coolest way possible!

Of course...RULES!!
1. No Yaoi/Yuri!
2. Can only involve Soul Hunter/Hoshin Engi Charas!
3. Can have multiple entries (about 2-3 is good, but the more the merrier!)
4. Can be Anime or Manga versions.
5. Be sure to put effort, ok? Make them vibrant!!
6. And of course...HAVE FUN!!

1ST PLACE: Medal, and an Iphone wallpaper of anything you want! And 3 gifts!
2ND PLACE: Medal, and 2 gifts!
3RD PLACE: Medal, and a gift!

Now go off, friends! Have fun creating!! I give 2 months!!

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