Spectrum Paulini

The sea is a serene piece of music,
every now and then, waves crash into my ears.
The gentle wind strokes my cheek
as I lie here, half-cloaked by the emerald grass.
Feeling its verdure against my skin
drowns me in a pool of nostalgia.
The ripples are tinted with monochrome,
highlighting the darkest phases of life.

And then, you came,
relighting a flame in my soul
that had been extinguished long, long ago.

Although the truth will never be said,
my heart carries a sentiment of gratefulness.
Beginning from now, in every framed picture,
I won’t be standing alone.

I was a lover of living, indulgent and lenient,
but I failed to see the sinister side of it.
As a result, I am left robbed of dreams and wishes,
a well-carved sculpture from the outside,
but hollowed from the inside.

Somehow, you managed to create a scenery
that was reflected as Eden in my eyes -
The opposite of my vision of the future.

Although you are now an image in my album of memories,
I will keep you alive in life’s radiance.
The paradise that you have formed for me
is still clear in my aged mind,
And I shall paint it onto the world,
the canvas where our existence begins.

As I look at the vast blue sky,
an arc stands proud and tall above me.

As I walk away, ready to move forward,
I pray that we will meet again.

Someday, in that realm of colours.


*sigh* Finally done. It's for pikmin541's poetry challenge! I based this poem on an OC.

This is also posted at http://www.youngwriterssociety.com/topic48114.html

If you like my work, you can view more at: http://www.youngwriterssociety.com/search.php?search_id=usertopics&user=4862

Anyway...comments, reviews and critiques are greatly appreciated!

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07/02/09 (Originally Created: 05/16/09)
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