Annoying Poe SandLover13

If you have read The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, This poem is the Raven's point of view of the poem. Actually I made OC's during writing this. Here it is:

Annoying Poe
By Darkness the Raven (Written by SandLover13)

One time in the full moon light, when the fog didn't make things bright,
I slipped into the night, And tapped on someone's door.
With my eyesight a bit low, I really didn't know
That man, Edgar Allan Poe, owned this chambered door
Within this boring night I wanted something more
Unlike things I done before.

I came up with a ploy to finally play my toy,
I wanted to annoy that poet to the core.
So I kept tapping, the door almost snapping,
Distrubed the Cat's napping by knocking on the door
I knew what to do with my plans on the floor
All I have to say is "Nevermore"

When Poe opened the wood, I flew up high and stood
Upon the top of dead wood and sared at Poe with bore.
With every single answer to that question's dancer
I only did answer, only the word "Nevermore".
And Poe's soul from out my shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted- nevermore!

But suddenly in a stat, So hard to put my claw at
It was Poe's pet cat that ate me up a lot more
Now I always know, that to be with Edgar Allan Poe,
I'd have to annoy the cat, Loe, until he's living no more
And now from in Loe's stomach that now drags on to the floor
Shall be peaceful- nevermore!


What do you think?


Date Published
07/02/09 (Originally Created: 05/13/09)
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