Vongola Undicesimo Nehszriah

Interlude I


So I can assume most of you have been wondering where I have been. I was always front and center from the moment I had entered the life of Sawada Tsunayoshi, but now that I am here with his son Yohi I seem almost out of the picture. It may not seem right to most, but it is surely planned.

Tsuna and I have kept in very close contact since I was sent here to Japan and I had been given strict orders to keep most of the major training aside until the school year started. He may be “No Good Tsuna” for the rest of his life, but he is still my boss now. He has equipped Kurokawa Hana with a 3^7 ray gun that is to be used at any time she sees fit ever since I gave her a serious case of hives, which means I am required to behave.

Do not fret; the time Kiyohiko has been allotted to whine and complain has nearly come to a close. With the arrival of Damiano Dokuro, son of the Mist Guardian, I am allowed to tutor in my own style once again. Only time will tell if the other Guardian candidates shall be gathered together in time for the impeding Ring Battles. I will need to teach them as well what it takes to become good Mafia hitmen. I do not worry about most, like Haruhi and Masaru; they are more suited for this line of work than even their fathers were. It is those like Damiano who I will have the most trouble with. I have been preparing for this with the utmost care. Kiyohiko should be glad that I have more faith in him than I ever had in his father, else I would have ended up disregarding the Decimo’s orders entirely from the beginning.

With any luck, I shall be able to whip this team into perfect shape. It shall take some interesting work, but things are beginning to look up already.

Now if you do not mind, Leon and I have some work to do.

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06/09/11 (Originally Created: 06/09/11)
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