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This is my submission for the February Fan Challenge, Ai no Otaku. I wish I could take divisionten up on her example challenge, but I haven’t as much poked Fruits Basket with a ten foot pole and Chrono Crusade is on my “To Watch” list. Besides, my Pegasus would be a total OOC flower-uke who demands to be chosen... so beware the OOC. Wait a second… didn’t I coordinate/host something like this in high school…? Naaa…

Oh… the formatting tags… melting my brain...

Ai no Otaku

SETTING: A darkened stage filled with pink-and-red heart-themed decorations that are gaudy to the MAX. Spotlights spin erratically about, fast enough to potentially cause seizures. The audience is clapping gaily, as if their very lives were on the line. Cheesy music is played for all to hear. A nervous, but energetic man’s voice is heard off-screen.

OFF-SCREEN VOICE: L-Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to everyone’s favorite game show, Ai no Otaku! I am Minoru, here to assist with vigor and gusto! Here’s your host, Nehszriah Shirubaa-Kiri Morgana!

The stage lights ease on as a young brunette dressed in a white suit and Batman tie hops out from behind the stage, trying not to touch the pink things hanging all over the place. She is holding a thin-type Bob Barker microphone and a set of small index cards.

NEHSZRIAH: Thank you Minoru! Now we all know why we are here: to fix up a lovely lady or gentleman with the date of their very dreams! We have scoured the anime realm to find the ultimate dates for our contestants! Now why don’t we meet our lucky bachelor for the evening… Minoru?

MINORU (off-screen): More of a bachelorette, Nehs. Our lady of the hour is a mafia guardian, master of illusions and the mist. The cutest girl with a trident and one eye… give it up for Chrome Dokuro!

Chrome Dokuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn walks onto the stage from behind a curtain. She is dressed in her usual green school uniform, except her favorite skull eyepatch is replaced with a pink one that compliments her indigo hair well. She walks over to Nehszriah nervously, still clutching her trident-weapon and looking rather confused.

NEHSZRIAH: Hello there Chrome! Aren’t you looking cute today?

CHROME: Uh, thank you very much! (smiles warily) It’s good to be here.

NEHSZRIAH: Why don’t you tell the audience at home a little about yourself before we get going?

Close-up on Chrome.

CHROME: I am fourteen, my best friends are Boss, Mukuro-sama, Chikusa-san and Ken-san and I like pineapple upside-down cake.

The crowd cheers as the camera pulls back.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Don’t do it Chrome! It’s just a #&$^!@* trap!

CHROME: Ken-san! Please don’t cause a ruckus!

…but Joshima Ken is already being escorted out the door by the very grumpy pair of Thorfinn Karlsefni and Zelgadis Graywords. Closely following is a calm Kakimoto Chikusa and a pleasantly smiling (and cheerily waving) Rokudo Mukuro, who wishes his Chrome-chan luck.

NEHSZRIAH: Er… alright then! We’ll be right back with the first set of questions after this word from our sponsors!

Cheesy music plays and the screen cuts to black.

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02/14/09 (Originally Created: 02/14/09)
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