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The day in the neighborhood had not been boring, nor had it been one that could have been remarked upon as being exciting or enjoyable in any way, save for the fact that perhaps the dull environment proved to be peaceful because it prevented anything especially horrible or violent to transpire, as everyone was bored out of their wits, and the entire setting was giving off a numbing effect that stopped even the worst of bullies within it from picking on the weakest of victims around whom, had they themselves not been affected by the drowsy nature of the heavy air around them, may have been able to easily evade any and every one of the attacks performed against them and still have been able to run away without breaking a single sweat or receiving any marks and scratches that could have been delivered by the enemy, if that enemy had been given the satisfaction of inflicting them and if that victim had been one who, though as cowards they may deny it, had simply been standing frozen in fear while the blows were thrown, and if the terrible fist fight had been fought with such a force— and at such a slow pace—

that any observer would have speculated the whole scene to be a ridiculous act, or something being played out deliberately and unhurriedly in slow motion, as on a television screen or as directed in a play— considering the audience or spectator viewing the hilarious action was from an era in which one would recognize the action as being presented in slow motion, as on a television, or assuming that the ones watching were from a civilization in which plays were performed while following such a script that exercised the use of slow motion and exaggerated effects or movements for entertainment, rather than quick and deadly moments seen in a gladiator match, which some would prefer

to watch but which would not emphasize the peaceful mood that was being projected on this fine morning, that was now full of birds flying and singing, at a snail’s pace, leaves falling lazily to the forest floor below, and passengers of various airplanes gliding through the cloudless sky at 2 miles an hour or less without noticing that time was crawling since they had no faster reference to refer the slowness to, and as they had already slowly, very slowly that is, become accustomed to the leisurely ride through the air that was suddenly becoming unbearably full of the time-stopping, powerfully dull force that would certainly soon begin to envelope the entire continent if it was not quickly contained before being blasted into oblivion with the purpose of releasing the

neighborhood’s overwhelmingly potent calmness, a phenomenon which was beginning to frustrate everyone within 10 miles around who were trying to go to work or commute to other important places, but who found themselves drowsy and moving at an incredibly slow velocity, a detail which of course made the day less enjoyably peaceful and more violently miserable, resulting in a day everyone soon could no longer call boring but one they also could not classify as being exciting with such dull, slow, things happening all around them in their small, but now incredibly irate, community.

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02/07/09 (Originally Created: 02/01/09)
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