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(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was originally posted on December 20, 2005 at theOtaku Articles. A new jingle has been added to adapt to the times. Hopefully, the Christmas spirit is still as lively as it was back then.)

Christmas season is in the air once again. And when there's Christmas, there's always the singing of Christmas carols like "Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells". But since this is an anime site, Christmas carols won't be featured here... unless these carols have something to do with anime.

Being full of Christmas spirit, I decided to make anime Christmas carols using the tunes of some well-known Christmas songs. Hope you'll enjoy it!

SONG # 1
(Tune: Santa Claus is Coming to Town; Anime: Rurouni Kenshin)

I. You better watch out
You better not kill
You better not steal
I'm telling you why
Battousai is coming to town.

II. He's bringing his sword and using it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice
Battousai is coming to town.

He'll kill you when you're killing
He'll kill when you're awake
He'll see when you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake.

(Repeat I)

SONG # 2
(Tune: Silent Night; Anime: Gundam Seed)

Silent night
In the ship
Kira's calm
Lacus too
As they somber in their large bed
After enjoying Christmas again
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

SONG # 3
(Tune: Feliz Navidad; Anime: Shaman King)

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad, Prospero ano y felicadad

I. I want to wish Yoh a Merry Christmas
With lots of burgers to make him happy
I want to wish Yoh a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart.
(Repeat Chorus)

SONG # 4
(Tune: Jingle Bells; Anime: Case Closed)

Looking at the scene
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields I go
Finding for some clues
I found out who's the guy
Who killed this other guy
Now I'll just shoot at Richard's neck
And then I'll solve the case, hey!

Case is closed, case is closed
Case is closed right now
Now I'll go to Rachel's house
And have Christmas by her side
(Repeat Chorus)

SONG # 5
(Tune: Give Love on Christmas Day; Anime: Cowboy Bebop)

People eating ham
Buying turkeys and
Taking time to eat all the Christmas grub
It's the time of year
When good food are here
And I wish I could eat more
Than just mushrooms from Jet Black

Why don't you give food to Spike right now?
Oh, even the man who gets bounties now
Would be so happy if you would bring
Give food to Spike right now
No greater gift is there than food!

SONG # 6 (NEW)
(Tune: Frosty the Snowman; Anime: Death Note)

Raito the killer
Was a genius at his age
With a mind so smart he could kill a guy
Yet be free to kill again

Raito the killer
Was so deadly yet so nice
He may look so cool, but beneath his looks
Are the millions he has killed

There must have been some magic
In the old Death Note he found
For when he wrote it with his pen
He began to kill around

Raito the killer
Took the lives of all his foes
But then came one day
When he got shot down
And the death god stopped his heart

SONG # 7
(Tune: The Christmas Alphabet)

C - is for the CDs that's full of J-pop songs
H - is for the happiness that Pokemon once brought
R - is for the robots that you see in Gundam Seed
I - is for Initial D cars that's as fast as Ferraris
S - is for Son Gokou's very famous wave
T - is for the toys that came straight from Japan
M - is for the manga books that's in pure Japanese
A - is for the Automail that Edward had to wear
S - is for the ol' swords that samurais would use
Be good and we'll bring you everything nice on Christmas alphabet

SONG # 8
(Tune: We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

I. We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year!

Good tidings we bring
For you, otaku
Good tidings for Christmas
And a happy new year

II. Oh give us some awesome manga (3x)
To read all year long!

III. We want some Naruto goodies (3x)
To keep in our room

Merry Christmas everyone!

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