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I want to take some time to air some of my grievances about what theOtaku has become. I have something I would like to take up with theOtaku. I've been a member for 4 years now and I've gone through many different criteria for the voting system. Frankly I can understand that making the Otakua "fluffier" place might appeal to new members, but I miss the outright competition.

There used to be a voting system, not a hug system. Artists fought over the top 10% positions, not the top 25 which will never be reached due to the declining voting system on theOtaku. I remember when a new piece that was good could get over 60 votes in its debut. Now it only take 20 or less to get into the top 4. No one votes because it's not voting. It's Hugs.

I want a more vicious theOtaku. I know that might scare some people but I used to thrive on it. I would come home from school every day thinking "what can I draw in the next 5 hours that might get me some votes and make me a better artist". I would rack my brain and fight for new ideas and challenge myself because, to me, being in the top 10% was wearing a badge of honor.

I haven't been drawing the anime style as long as some people, but their talent was something I thrived off of -- people like Ace Gallheger or PimpinSatan or ReinGirl or Seifer Sama. Some of these people have gone on to better things like Deviant art to challenge themselves.

I know that as a new artist its hard to compete with some of those amazing artists but I loved it. Maybe there should be multiple categories like Otaku Legends vs Otaku Legends and Senior Otakus vs Senior Otakus, but please please please bring back that competitive edge. This new theOtaku system is amazing, but it's too easygoing.

Lets challenge ourselves. Members of theOtaku, I ask you to revisit your favorite artists and look at their art. If they have pieces you like and can still vote for, do it! Tell them that they are on the right track!

I have been working on a comic book now for 6 months and I haven't really made anything for theOtaku in a while. I would be willing to stay up those extra 3 hours at night to try something new and see what kinds of votes I could get if theOtaku would just embrace its old competitive nature. Until that day returns, I just don't see myself using theOtaku like I once did.

Please comment if you have the time.

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10/17/08 (Originally Created: 10/17/08)
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